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We can be sure that the greatest hope for maintaining equilibrium in the face of any situation rests within ourselves.

Francis J. Braceland
O Magazine, April 2003

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This Week´s Inspiration
What is a Balanced, Fulfilling Life?
Fulfilling To make full; to put into effect; to meet the requirements of; to bring to an end; to measure up to; to satisfy; to convert into reality; to develop the full potentialities
  • How do we get a balanced, fulfilling life?
  • How does a person achieve fulfillment?
  • Exactly what does balance mean?

Who is the only person who can decide if your life is fulfilling or not?
You, of course!

What if you are part of the 80% of people who do not base their lives on purpose and balance?

Read on . . .

Over the past 6 years, my previous 119 ezines have included topics from embracing your dreams to the character of authentic living. A couple of years ago, I discussed living a balanced life.

Over time, my insight has deepened into a more comprehensive understanding of what living a fulfilling life really means.

By definition, fulfillment infers balance.

What is balance?

One of the reasons CRG continues to enjoy rapid growth is our holistic, balanced approach to personal and professional development. Our personal development model identifies six factors that contribute to your personhood. Some of the factors focus on nature and some focus on nurture. Both areas are important.

For this article, I want to go one step further.

The opening quote says equilibrium rests within ourselves. The implications of this statement mean personal fulfillment can be realized only to the extent that you know yourself and can confirm what balance looks like for you.

The contents of My Source EXPERIENCE Journal™ summarize the areas where you can reflect and confirm whether you are living a balanced and fulfilling life.

Here are strategies from My Source EXPERIENCE for you to consider.

First, fulfillment and balance are uniquely personal. The principles are universal but the answers to the questions are distinctly your own.

In Part One of My Source EXPERIENCE, I ask you to do the following.

Your Positive Review

List your positive interests, turn-ons, fascinations, intrigues, and natural curiosities in each of these areas in your life.

Your life leaves clues about what you really want . . .

Senses: Smells, tastes, touches, sounds, sights
People: Who? Why are you attracted to them?
Places: Where? (geographic)
Intellectual: Ideas, inventions, concepts
Experiences: Fun, adventure, comfort, excitement, surprises
Belonging: Memberships, associations, groups, clubs
Learning: Formal and informal education
Work: Paid or unpaid (include volunteer work)

Go back as far as you can in your life to recall all the experiences that are positive. You are creating a positive autobiography.

Additional assignments in My Source EXPERIENCE ask you to list the 10 most important, exciting, and peaceful times of your life—and your 7 passions.

As part of this process, it is highly beneficial for you to complete four CRG assessments

The assessments will provide an even deeper awareness of your specific preferences and conditions.

Part Two

You complete your Key Word Analysis from your work in Part One.
From that, you create your Key Word Grid. (See details in My Source EXPERIENCE.)

The next step to creating a fulfilling and balanced life is completing your Positive Preview.

In this exercise, you start projecting into the future what you REALLY want in each of these areas of your life. In My Source EXPERIENCE, they form your Source Wheel.

  1. For Yourself (things only you can do alone)
  2. With Your Immediate Family
  3. Relatives
  4. Friends
  5. Learning
  6. Spirituality
  7. Public Policy
  8. Social
  9. Recreation
  10. Athletics and Health
  11. Financial Portfolio (beyond your work remuneration)
  12. Community Service

When you have written responses to the above list, you are ready to outline your ideal career or calling by taking into consideration all your insights.

This all-embracing review will equip you to create microvision statements in each of the 12 areas. Your statements will set a direction for each facet of your life and reflect your true needs and desires.

Once you have confirmed your vision for all 12 segments, you are ready to take baby Action Steps.

Real balance and fulfillment are achieved when you take action on each vision statement—all at the same time. Called simultaneous activation, it actually permits your life to come into balance. Allowing any important interest to remain dormant will cause an imbalance in your Source Wheel and, consequently, an imbalance in your life.

This approach is like the recipe for a special cake. Would the cake turn out perfectly if you left out just one ingredient? It would not! Fulfillment and balance operate under the same principles. You need all the ingredients working for you, all at once.

Note: Balance in the context of Source does not mean equal time and energy in each area. It means investing your time and energy in activities, that are relative to your vision and your goals. It is possible, for example, that your public policy vision requires only a few hours a year to fulfill. That´s fine. Other areas of your life might need almost daily interaction. The key is that you are intentional in knowing exactly what fulfills you in each area.
Caution: Change takes time. Many of today´s self-development programs are based on drama and hype to seduce individuals into get-fixed-quick or get-rich-quick schemes. My Source EXPERIENCE is internal and subtle. It´s about being calm, centered, and grounded—not frenetic and in chaos. Subtle development is more manageable and believable—and fits naturally into the normal ebb and flow of your life.

I wrote My Source EXPERIENCE Journal™ so individuals would have a self-guided roadmap for realizing their life purpose while experiencing fulfillment and balance. Don´t wait! Your life is not getting longer!

Start now.

Take the Action Steps below.

This Week´s Action Steps

What is a Balanced, Fulfilling Life?

  1. Only you can determine what a balanced and fulfilling life means to you.
  1. True balance can occur only if you confirm what you want in all areas of your life. Yes, all! This process requires a complete holistic approach.
  1. I strongly suggest you acquire My Source EXPERIENCE Journal™ to assist you in this journey. Its 88 pages outline the exact steps to take to discover what really is important to you in your life. Some of the content and steps are outlined above.
  1. Motivation is a myth. The pursuit of your interests requires no motivation because you enjoy doing them. Interests compel you—compel means to be pulled or attracted. You require motivation only for things that do not interest you. If you need motivation, you must question why.

  2. Permitting any important interest to remain dormant will cause an imbalance in your Source Wheel and, consequently, an imbalance in your life.
  1. Commit to creating microvision statements in each of the 12 areas of your Source Wheel mentioned above. The statements provide a roadmap for your life . . . to help guide all your actions.
  1. Take responsibility. If not now, when? If not the Source process, what? Time waits for no one, so take action now.
  1. I personally engaged the Source experience 20 years ago. It took me a few months to uncover my life purpose and direction but it was time well invested. Today, I have achieved most of what I had documented and confirmed. The Sourceprocess never stops. The substance is the same and new opportunities and insights continually come to light as part of your journey.

Decide this minute to be part of the 10% who are fully engaged, passionate, and living on purpose. By the way, Welcome.

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!.

Ken Keis

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