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All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher

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This Week´s Inspiration
The Truth Will Set You Free!


The state of being the case; the body of real things, events, and facts; a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality; the body of true statements and propositions; the property (as of a statement) of being in accord with fact or reality

In today’s pluralistic, politically correct society, is there such a thing as truth?
You bet.

But, contrary to the state of many societies and individuals, when truth does not match their personal perspective, they cry out and hide behind words like intolerance or discrimination. Those words may have no application in context; they may be trying to deflect focus away from the truth.

One of the most powerful truths of our existence is the truth of duality. We live in a world of opposites.

Here are some examples.

You can’t have

  • up without down,
  • small without large,
  • rich without poverty,
  • success without failure,
  • happiness without sadness, or
  • light without darkness.

As Horatio Caine from CSI Miami often states—The truth always comes out.

The challenge is that many potentially controversial topics get thrown into the pot of relativism. The truth of the matter (pardon the pun) is that when you or others decide whether an issue is relative, that does not change the truth. Each of us needs to realize that our opinion on something has nothing to do with what is really true. Why? Truth existed prior to our opinion.

Opposites such as right and wrong, good and evil, creationism and evolution, and faith and atheism are positioned as opinions when, in fact, somewhere, the truth is present—seen or unseen, accepted or unaccepted.

One of the most difficult truths for individuals to accept is that the opposite of truth is deception or living a lie.

  • Individuals usually want their position to be seen as an opinion in the context of relativism.
  • They want to believe their personal truth is true, rather than an erroneous premise or a false pretense—which it might be.

Years ago, when experts suggested the sun revolved around Earth, that opinion did not change the truth. The sun did not change its position in the sky because someone down here had an expert opinion. When doctors believed that draining the blood from patients would heal them, that untruth often killed patients.

Each of us has a choice—to live with and in the truth . . . or not.

Last week, Evel Knievel was interviewed on TV. He said the dark side of his life of fame included drugs, alcohol, women, and material excess—with five Roll Royce cars in his garage. He was never satisfied.

In recent months, he experienced a spiritual awakening that has literally transformed his life from success to significance. He admitted he had been living in the grip of darkness. The truth he revealed to the interviewer was that his life had lacked moral integrity and meaning. Until he acknowledged that truth, he was forever bound by his deceptive, destructive lifestyle.

The absence of truth means the presence of deceit or denial.

  • Smokers who believe their habit is not affecting their health...
  • The alcoholic who says her drinking is under control...
  • The cheater who says no harm was done by his bad behavior ...

All will experience some level of consequence.

There are simple truths, like gravity, and there are also deep foundational truths that serve as our life anchor points. Knowing that you know brings confidence and a sense of peace that most people don’t experience or ever understand in their lives.

  • Are you clear about why you are here in this life?
  • Have you grappled with and clarified who you are, from a spiritual and soulful perspective?

Remember: Because you believe or don’t believe God exists does not change the truth.

  • Are you connected to the truths about your natural talents, gifts, and abilities?
  • Do you know your sources of inspiration and interests?

Some readers might feel uncomfortable with the fact that foundational truths are non-negotiable and that these truths don’t match the relativistic society in which we live.

But that is not the debate.

The question is: Will you seek the truth?

Each of us was born with interests and gifts that compel and motivate us. At CRG, our purpose is to help you clarify your purpose, both personally and professionally.

Was I always clear about my gifts and talents? No, but I took the responsibility to discover what they were.

My driving force to write My Source Experience Journal was to help people clarify their vision. As part of the process to confirm the truth, I recommend the following assessments to give you a holistic picture of your future.

This Week´s Action Steps

The Truth Will Set You Free!

  1. Real Truth is not an opinion. Truth just is.
  1. Truth does not support the concepts of relativism or pluralism. It has nothing to do with discrimination or intolerance.
  1. We live in a world of duality. You can’t have weak without strong, truth without falsehood, good without evil, or right without wrong.
  1. Have you confirmed what is really true or have you been living on the fence of indecision? In what areas of your life do you need to find truth?
  1. Why would living in truth be important to you?
  1. Are you being brutally honest about what is true for you? Why are you here on this earth? What is your purpose?
  1. Deep, foundational truths anchor our lives. Relativism (untruth) creates confusion and mayhem.
  1. Everyone has gifts and talents that will compel and motivate them. That is why I wrote My Source Experience Journal—to help individuals get connected to their truths about their life purpose and vision. This new book will lead you—and others—through the personal journey of discovering personal truth.
  1.  For additional confirmation about what is true in all areas of your life, use CRG’s Personal Style Indicator, Job Style Indicator, Stress Indicator and Health Planner, Self-Worth Inventory, and Values Preference Indicator.
  1. Truth sets you free—to fully and completely engage life without fear of regret or deception.

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!.

Ken Keis

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