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Living On Purpose

Are you living your life on purpose? If nothing change in your life in the next 5 years would that be okay? If not, what are you going to do about it? Live your life intentionally. Be part of the 10% of the population who are passionate about their lives. Ken has written My Source EXPERIENCE Journal just for that reason. Use this book as a road map to confirming and discovering your purpose.

PSI Seminar Highlights


Want to know more about the Personal Style Indicator? Watch some highlights as Ken Keis, President & CEO of CRG, facilitates a PSI Seminar. Here you will see firsthand not only how easy the PSI is assimilated but how impactful it is!

Ken reveals the secret to successful communication so that you can bring amazing freedom, clarity, direction and release to your relationships.



Marriage Uncensored


Listen as Ken discusses how CRG's Personal Style Indicator can be used to unlock and solve the mystery to the cause of most relationship failures.

Interviewed by Dr. Dave Currie, and Christie Rayburn on their TV program, Marriage Uncensored, Ken Keis, President & CEO of CRG, talks openly about personal style—your natural predisposition to perceive, approach, and interact with the environment, which includes time, people, tasks, and situations.



From Mediocre to Meaningful


If nothing changed in your life/business in the next 5 years, would that be okay?

In spite  of all the amazing career opportunities and current training resources—supported by individuals and organizations dedicated to personal and professional development—most people are still not living their purpose!

Watch Ken Keis' presentation to the BC Career Management Association's 2007 Conference as he helps you to understand why you'll find your highest and best success when you are living your purpose.