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  VPI PowerPoint Presentation Downloadable 3x4 and 9x16

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Values Preference Resources

VPI PowerPoint, What Do You Really Value?

Appeal to the visual learners in your group with a professional PowerPoint presentation of the Values Preference Indicator. CRG created the slides to accompany presentations on the VPI and now they are offering you the PowerPoint presentations for use in your seminar or training.

You can customize the presentation for your group by using as many or as few of the slides as you like—and even adding some of your own. The PowerPoint comes as a fully downloadable product in both a 9x16 and a 3x4 format.

Use the VPI PowerPoint as the finishing touch to creating visually stimulating and professional training.


  VPI Trainer's Guidelines

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VPI Trainer's Guidelines

Give your clients the gift of clarity.
Teach them how values and personal style work together.
Discuss why values are important and how they link to needs and fears.

The VPI Trainer's Guidelines provide you with

  • An Outline for 2 to 6 hour Presentations;
  • A Script Detailing the Main Concepts of the VPI; and
  • Group Exercises.

 The VPI Trainer's Guidelines is the essential tool for presenting and using the VPI.