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  E-Version SIHP Trainer's Guidelines

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  SIHP Trainer's Guidelines

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Stress and Health Resources

SIHP Trainer's Guidelines

Support your clients and employees in creating healthy lifestyles. The Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP) is a great base for client/employee health programs. Use the SIHP Trainer's Guidelines to ensure your participants are getting the most from this tool.

Stress and Health are two topics that affect everyone, regardless of age, sex, marital status, income, education, job, profession, political affiliation, or religion.

With the SIHP Trainer's Guidelines, you will help your clients

  • Assess Their Current Level of Stress and Health;
  • See how these Internal Influences Impact Every Aspect of Their Lives; and
  • Understand what They Can Do to Change Them.

Increase your effectiveness with your clients by using the SIHP Trainer's Guidelines to create your training.


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  SIHP PowerPoint Presentation Downloadable 3x4 and 9x16

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SIHP PowerPoint Presentation Deluxe

Appeal to the visual learners in your group with a professional PowerPoint presentation of the Stress Indicator and Health Planner. CRG created the slides to accompany their presentations on the SIHP and now they are offering you their PowerPoint presentations for use in your seminar or training.

You can customize the presentation for your group by using as many or as few of the slides as you like—and even adding some of your own. The PowerPoint comes on a CD with an accompanying binder of full-color printouts.

Use the SIHP PowerPoint Presentation Deluxe as the finishing touch to creating visually stimulating and professional training.