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  E-Version LSI Trainer's Guidelines

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  LSI Trainer's Guidelines

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Learning Style Resources

LSI Trainer's Guidelines

Tools that assess learning rate were hard to find—until now. Help your clients assess and increase their learning rate with the Learning Style Indicator (LSI).

The LSI Trainer's Guidelines give you the framework for presenting and working through the LSI with your clients. CRG has presented the LSI many times and is now offering you their professional insights and training tips. These Guidelines provide you with the following.

  • Objectives for Your Presentation
  • Presentation Options
  • Background Information
  • Discussion of the Different Learning Styles
  • Group Exercises

The LSI Trainer's Guidelines is the essential tool for presenting and using the LSI.


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Coming Soon

Why Don't You Teach the Way I Learn?TM

Revolutionize the way you and your clients approach teaching and instructing.

Why Don't You Teach the Way that I Learn?TM workbook walks through the Learning Style Indicator and Instructional Style Indicator and ties them together to promote growth and flexibility in instructional style.

This workbook incorporates some of the basic theories of personal style such as credibility and readiness and willingness to change, then adds learning-specific topics such as the following.

  • Evaluating Both Learning and Instructional Styles
  • Impact of Different Instructional Styles on Each Learning Style
  • Style-Shifting and Flexibility
  • How to Appeal to All Learning Style Needs
  • Creating an Action Plan

This workbook can be customized for use with learners or instructors.

Maximize your clients' learning success and your instructing effectiveness by working through Why Don't You Teach the Way that I Learn?TM


*CRG or one of its associates is available to conduct this program live with your clients.