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Leader's Resources

Price per Unit (piece): $495.00



Get the complete set of ALL CRG's learning and communication tools plus the In-Depth Interpretations plus the Professional Guides in one package!

The Leader's Resources is available only in the print-based version in a binder.

Complete Set Includes...

  • Personal Style Indicator (PSI)
  • PSI In-Depth Interpretations
  • Job Style Indicator (JSI)
  • PSI/JSI Professional's Guide
  • Quick Style Indicator (QSI)
  • Sales Style Indicator (SSI)
  • SSI In-Depth Interpretations
  • Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator (ESSI)
  • ESSI In-Depth Interpreations
  • ESSI Professional's Guides
  • Learning Style Indicator (LSI)
  • LSI In-Depth Interpretations
  • Instructional Style Indicator (ISI)
  • ISI In-Depth Interpretations
  • Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP)
  • Values Preference Indicator (VPI)
  • Self-Worth Inventory (SWI)
  • Leadership Skills Inventory - Self
  • Leadership Skills Inventory - Others