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Corporate Basic Membership (1 Year 5000+ Users)

Price per Unit (piece): $3, 000.00



What will CRG’s Corporate Learning Center do for you?

  • Create a secure and private login page with your own branded version.
  • Manage full online administration rights for the lead person of each specific group.
  • Allow managers and professionals (with permission) to view the results of others.
  • Assign access codes and learning modules to individuals, groups, or both.
  • Create unlimited groups based on your specific organizational dynamics.
  • See the results in more than one language. Example: your staff member completes the PSI in Spanish but you want to view the results in English.
  • Manage and track the completion of assigned learning.
  • Administer the Online Personal Style/Job Style Compatibility Reports with multiple applicants for one position, multiple positions for one person, or multiple applicants with multiple positions.
  • Launch the 360° feedback version of each of the CRG assessments, including having others complete the Personal Style Indicator on you to understand how they see you in your specific circumstances.
  • Full 360° functionality and process for the Online Leadership Skills Inventory.