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Learning Centers

CRG's Proprietary Learning Centers

CRG has worked hard to be able to bring you three Learning Centers. When you register your account, CRG automatically gives you an Individual Learning Center.

This Individual Learning Center is where you can edit your profile, take Online Assessments, store completed Online Assessments and even set up a group. There is no cost associated with your Individual Learning Center.

The Group Learning Center is where you can set up various groups such as your family, your softball team, and/or your care group. You have the ability to set up one group in your Individual Learning Center, but if you wish to set up more groups, you will have to purchase a subscription.

The Corporate Learning Center (CLC) is available for companies that wish to keep all their users in one place.  The ease of use with the CLC will assist you in your administration of CRG Online Assessments. You can purchase a subscription based on the number of users you want to have.