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  E-Version JSI Trainer's Guidelines

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  JSI Trainer's Guidelines

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Job Style Resources

JSI Trainer's Guidelines

Help your clients hire the right person the first time! Train them in how to use the Job Style Indicator (JSI) effectively. They will be grateful for the time and money you saved them!

The JSI Trainer's Guidelines will help you frame a valuable presentation.
At the end, your participants will be able to

  • Explain the Definition of a Job Skill;
  • List their Job Skill Asset and Deficit Areas; and
  • Understand the Relationship between Personal Style and Job Style.

Change your clients' views on job style with your presentation of the Job Style Indicator.

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  E-Version PSI/JSI Professional's Guide

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  PSI/JSI Professional's Guide

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PSI/JSI Professional's Guide

Build a new hiring process that will save you time and money. Use the Personal Style Indicator and Job Style Indicator as the base for your hiring process and witness the difference for yourself.

This Professional's Guide will provide you with the background knowledge to effectively use these assessments to build a strong company by hiring the right people for the right positions.

This 64-page Guide includes background details and information on the creation of the tools and their intended applications.

  Why Aren't You More Like Me? Paperback

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Why Aren't You More Like Me?TM

Without this book, you have only scraped the surface of the science of personal style. Would you like to know more about personal style and how you can use it to change your life or that of your clients?
The book, Why Aren't You More Like Me?TM was written by the co-author of the Personal Style Indicator, Everett T. Robinson. Learn more about interacting with others and how style affects those interactions.

The goals of this book are to

  • Increase Awareness of Personal Style in Self and Others;
  • Improve Self-Control over Personal Style;
  • Expand Personal Credibility;
  • Transfer Knowledge of Personal Style into Applicable Skills; and
  • Enhance Leadership Abilities at Work and at Home.

Take your personal style knowledge and understanding to the next level with the book Why Aren't You More Like Me?TM

  Online Job Style Compatibility Report

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Job Style Compatibility Report

You are hiring for a new position or promoting someone within your organization and you have a list of candidates.

  • How can you be sure you hire the right person the first time?
  • How do you ensure you award the promotion to the person who can best fulfill the job's roles and responsibilities?

The Job Style Compatibility Report is an online report generated by comparing the Job Style Indicator you completed, with one of the Style Indicators (Personal Style Indicator, Sales Style Indicator, Instructional Style Indicator, and Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator) completed by the candidates. This report will show you, based on the assessment, who might be the best style-fit for the position and why.

  • Hire the Right Person the First Time.
  • Promote the Right Person into the roles and responsibilities that align with his or her style pattern.

Improve your hiring process by using the Job Style Compatibility Report.
This product is only available online.


Online Job Style Indicator Compatibility Report

Do you want to know the level of job fit or compatibility (from a match to an extreme mismatch) between an applicant or current employee and a specific position? To generate a JSI Compatibility Report requires the completion of an Online JSI or Manager's JSI which is then compared to the results of one or more individuals who have completed one of CRG's style assessments, specifically the Personal Style Indicator, Sales Style Indicator, and/or the Instructional Style Indicator. Why would you want to put a square peg into a round hole?

Online Manager's Job Style Indicator

How can you hire the right person, if the hiring committee does not agree who is the best type of person for the position? Avoid this challenge by using the Online Manager's JSI where up to 5 individuals can complete a Job Style Indicator on a single position—allowing you to review feedback from several decision-makers about the position. To hire the right person, you must be clear about the requirements of the job and the characteristics of the person who will best fill it.