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  Facilitator's TeamLead Combo, Binder and CD-ROM

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Facilitator's TeamLead Combo, Binder and CD-ROM

Facilitator's TeamLead Combo, Binder and CD-ROM includes additional support information for leading the TeamLead program:
  1. Suggestions for preparing your presentation
  2. Module Objectives
  3. Module Outline and Schedule
  4. Trainer's Instructions


TeamLead Modules

Each module can be purchased individually or as a package in the Complete Participant’s Binder.

  1. Rate Effective Team Practices
  2. Identify Team Strengths and Limitations
  3. Assess Team Development
  4. Target Credibility from the Beginning
  5. Determine Levels of Team Readiness and Willingness
  6. Disclose Team Personal Style Preferences (includes PSI)
  7. Utilize Personal Style Preferences
  8. Build Team Role Descriptions (includes JSI)
  9. Shift Styles to Improve Learning (includes LSI, and ISI)
  10. Clarify Personal Values (includes VPI)
  1. Rank Team Process Values
  2. Chart Team Stress Levels (includes SIHP)
  3. Decide Team Leadership Skills (includes LSI–S)
  4. Use Coaching Skills that Increase Performance
  5. Use Straight Talk for Winning Teams
  6. Raise Team Standards
  7. Evaluate Team Obstacles
  8. Determine Goals for Team Action
  9. Measure Team-Performance Progress
  10. Reward Team-Performance Success