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Complete Facilitator’s TeamLead

Complete Facilitator's 20 Module Print-Based Version includes additional support information for leading the TeamLead program:

  1. Suggestions for preparing your presentation
  2. Module Objectives
  3. Module Outline and Schedule
  4. Trainer’s Instructions


Assessments with the Complete Facilitator's Module include:

  1. Personal Style Indicator (PSI)
  2. Job Style Indicator (JSI)
  3. Learning Style Indicator (LSI)
  4. Instructional Style Indicator (ISI)
  5. Value Preferences Indicator (VPI)
  6. Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP)
  7. Leadership Skills Inventory–Self (LSI–S)

  Complete Facilitator's TeamLead 20 Module Print-Based Version

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