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Leading, Selling, and Coaching with Style

Price per Unit (piece): $30.00



Mastering CRG's three step system of Translating, Suspending, and Style-Shifting takes time and intentionality, but also the willingness and readiness to do so. However, they are foundational to you building your credibility as a team member, leader, and sales professional.

This program is facilitate through case studies and examples and required to reflect on the condition of your current relationships at work. This programs asks you to practically apply the information found in the PSI or SSI and the two books, Why Aren't you More Like Me? and Deliberate Leadership.

Section 1: Example Case Study: Translating, Suspending, and Style-Shifting.

Part A - Translating, Suspending and Style-Shifting Applications in Your Role

Part B - Increasing Credibility/Trust with Others

Part C - How you Show up at Work

Part D - Leading with Style

Part E - Special Partner Activity

Section 2: Group and Team Case Study Exercise 

Part A - Needs and Values of each Team Member

Part B - Coaching Jack as the Leader

Part C - Coaching Team Members

Part D - Case Study Debrief - Private