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Host/Sponsor Event Opportunity

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Take CRG's 3-Day Certification in Assessment Systems Workshop to your clients with this exclusive hosting opportunity. This is a unique revenue opportunity for you—and a chance to expand the CRG global network, and hence your professionalism, via relationship marketing and communications. Your experience in sales and marketing, along with a positive corporate or public image, will help make your event a success.

Hosting or sponsoring a CRG event is open to independent professionals who work in one or more of the following fields: consulting, training and development; personnel; education; executive coaching; career planning; and counseling. Day one and day two of the program are designed to orient internal and independent HR professionals, coaches, consultants, and specialists to CRG's learning systems and tools. Day three focuses on building a plan specific to each participant's business.

CRG will provide the following:

  • Generic marketing materials for the Host/Sponsor
  • All training materials for participants, including books and CD ROMs
  • CRG-approved trainer(s)
  • Course registration via phone or online
  • Course payment processing
  • Communication and event-detail management with all participants after they have registered
  • Event checklist for Host/Sponsor

The Host/Sponsor is responsible for the following:

  • A non-refundable deposit to hold event date
  • All direct travel expenses of the CRG approved trainer(s)
  • Training location and all related site costs
  • Managing and coordinating the event
  • Guaranteeing a minimum of 15 full fee-paying participants
  • Collecting attendee payment information (to be processed by CRG)
  • Marketing to all clients and contacts
  • Maintaining price integrity