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Partners (Associates and Affiliates)

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Welcome to your Associate/Affiliate Partner Area!

Welcome to your Associate/Affiliate Partner Area!

Designed to offer online support to our Associates and Affiliate partners, this area offers a wealth of information you can use to help grow and expand your business.

You can become an Associate by participating in CRG Certification Training, or become an Affiliate simply by completing an affiliate account form here. This is a business opportunity for re-sellers of CRG products and programs. Once you've established your links to the CRG site, you will earn re-seller commission on orders placed by people you refer for the rest of your life!

With just a click of a button, you can also instantly view your orders and referral list. There is also a Links Information section making it easy for you to establish links to your favorite CRG products and/or pages.


Affiliates and Associates can personalize the site by adding your Co-Branding image. (Note: this image must be 440 x 90 pixels in size.) Add your logo and all the assessments you send to your clients will be private-labeled. (Note: applies to Online Assessments only.)

Sound effortless? It is! So what are you waiting for?

NEW CRG Licensed Associate Program


New CRG Affiliate Program




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For more information contact CRG.

Associates Brochure

Are You Interested In ...

    • Accessing a Holistic Assessment System to instantly increase your credibility and results with your clients?
    • Becoming part of a network of exceptional colleagues who are your personal and professional development peers? 
    • Creating new transactional, passive, and residual streams of revenue? 
    • Having the opportunity to do business globally and online and earn income through those activities? 
    • Making a difference and transforming other people's lives? 

    Come Join CRG as a Licensed Associate!


      Why Consider CRG's Licensed Associate Program?

      • Comprehensive Offering

      • Access to CRG's Proprietary Holistic Development Models and Congruent Approach

      • User-Friendly Resources Designed to Create Learning Experiences

      • Connect with a Like-Minded Community of Professionals and Peers

      • Build Your own Brand with CRG's Private Label Assessments or Co-Branded Online Reports

      • Develop a Global Business—Right from Your Location

      • Infinite and Diverse Applications

      • The Right to Special High-Volume Annual Licensing Packages


        Access to CRG's Proprietary Licensed Associate Residual, Passive, and Leveraged Revenue Model*

        There are no less than 7 different ways you can earn revenue. We equally reward professionals who refer as those who consume. You simply build, maintain, and grow your client relationships.

        1. Wholesale Pricing

        2. Enhanced Affiliate Percentages

        3. Second Tier Affiliate Fees

        4. Associate-Only Volume Bonus

        5. Associate-to-Associate Referral Fee Program

        6. Host or Sponsor a CRG Event or Certification for Event-Revenue Share with Offline and Online Options

        7. Subscription-Based Revenue


          The qualities of CRG Licensed Associates vary with target market, business size, and experience but they all share a commitment to delivering high-value solutions to their clients. To be eligible to become a CRG Licensed Associate, you must

          • own an established training, consulting, coaching, or professional development business;

          • be willing and able to integrate technology-based products into your business;

          • complete the CRG Assessment Systems Certification Workshop;

          • operate at the highest level of professionalism and integrity; and

          • have the capacity to expand your offerings and be willing to invest in the CRG opportunity to grow your business.

              *Financial details are available upon confirmation that you qualify to become a CRG Licensed Associate.



              Affiliate Brochure

              Get rewarded for your referral efforts!


              CRG understands the power of relationship marketing, especially with the influence of online communities and social media.

              That's why CRG offers a free online Affiliate Program as part of our business model!

              CRG's Affiliate Program is a proprietary system designed to reward individuals, not-for-profit organizations, internal corporate training departments, HR professionals, and anyone using or promoting CRG's tools.

              As an Affiliate, you will be rewarded for your referral efforts. Participation in the Affiliate Program is free. The whole system is easy to use and automated so that anyone can be linked in. Once you register online, you will be given a specific CRG Affiliate ID, unique to you. You can place a link or any CRG product image on your website, email signature, social media communications, online blogs or postings,or in any electronic file. When a person uses your link to purchase any products on the site, he or she is permanently "linked" to you; you receive Affiliate fees on anything that person buys—now and in the future.


              10% of the purchase amount by your referrals!



              About the Affiliate Program

              When the CRG Affiliate Program was designed, we wanted to achieve these key objectives:

              • LeverageWe wanted CRG Affiliates to have the ability to connect CRG to groups of any size and be rewarded for their efforts.
              • PermanentThis means that once any contact registers on the site using your Partner ID, you have created a forever-relationship and an ongoing potential revenue stream.
              • Easy to UseOnce you have registered, the Partner area has the resources and instructions required to deploy and engage the CRG Affiliate Program.
              • Reward ReferralsThe program has been created to reward Affiliates who refer individuals or organizations that utilize CRG resources and those who purchase through your referral.
              • Revenue Opportunity for Large OrganizationsThis Affiliate Program applies to all types of relationships-large non-profit organizations, Fortune 1000 companies, small business, and individuals.
              • Global ReachThe CRG Affiliate Program applies to anyone around the world. There are no limitations.
              • FreeYes, the Affiliate Program is accessible to everyone.


              Become an Affiliate and earn residual income while helping your clients, friends, and family realize their potential.

              CRG seeks to connect with JV Marketing Partners


              CRG understands the power of relationship marketing, especially with the influence of online communities and social media.


              A CRG JV Partner is a professional or professional organization in one or more of the fields of career & workforce development, coaching, learning, education, consulting, training and development, sales, marketing, personnel, education, counseling and professional development. Or is an association/group that has a large network of constituents who can benefit from CRG resources, assessments and/or services.

              A JVP has significant capabilities and capacity (is well networked with a large circle of influence within their market segment) in sales and marketing, a positive corporate image, and service capabilities to serve the needs of the JV Partner's clients.

              To qualify to become a CRG JV Partner (JVP), you are agreeing to and obligated to promote CRG resources on a regular and on-going basis.  This commitment includes promoting, endorsing, and proactively communicating the benefits and opportunity to engage CRG assessments, services, (tele-seminars, webinars, online learning, live events, etc.) and learning resources.

              Note: Prior to signing an agreement the two parties will outline an expectation list for the first year of this agreement.

              The JVP commits to intentionally engaging their constituents (network) with a proactive and regular plan of communication and action steps as jointly agreed to by both parties. Should a JVP not fulfill their obligations as outlined, CRG has the right (with10 days notice via email or phone) to have the JVP take corrective action or to have the relationship downgraded to a CRG Affiliate Status. A JVP must be positioned to promote and sell CRG products or services via this relationship.

              In exchange CRG will upgrade the partner to the Joint Venture Level and reward and honor the JVP with increased percentages on all monetary transactions which occur as a result of this relationship.

              The primary purpose of this relationship is to leverage the content and expertise of CRG into the network and contacts of the JVP for the mutual benefit of all, including, CRG, JVP and its constituents.


              For more information, call our office and ask for Ken: 604-852-0566 or email Ken at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

              CRG is in possession of a license to market certain products, services and resources and seeks to register CRG In-Country Representatives (ICR).

              A CRG In-Country Representative is a special organization that embraces CRG’s vision for development while having strong marketing, organizational development and deployment capacity as well as a positive corporate or other image.


              For more information, call our office and ask for Ken: 604-852-0566 or email Ken at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it