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FAQ's Affiliates

 Affiliate - FAQ

 1. What is CRG's Affiliate Program?

CRG's Affiliate program is a professionally designed system for individuals, non-profits, in-house corporate trainers, HR professionals, and others who are not able to directly resell our tools. This program allows such professionals to not only receive a discount on purchases made, but also be rewarded for their referral efforts.

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 2. How does the two-tiered system work?

Upon signing up as an Affiliate you are given an Affiliate ID and an identifier you can use to refer people to our site. When someone registers on our site after entering through your link, they become your Affiliate-for-life. That means you will earn commission on any purchase they make, from now until eternity, even if they never enter through your link again! If the person you refer then refers others who register, you earn commissions on their purchases for life too, even if you've never met them before in your life! At CRG we believe in rewarding people equally for referrals as direct sales. Great for raising funds! Great for helping friends! Great for improving the bottom line!

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 3. What do you mean it's an Affiliate-for-life program?

By Affiliate-for-life, we mean that your permanent identifier is attached to anybody you refer to our website, so you earn commissions forever. With many Affiliate programs, you must refer people to a site through your link for each sale, or no commissions are earned. We've developed the Affiliate program to help you leverage your time—refer them to us once, and earn commissions 24/7! How does making money on vacation and waking up richer than when you went to bed sound?

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 4. Is the second tier my Affiliate for life too?

Absolutely. Our purpose for this Affiliate program is to reward you for helping us help others by leveraging your time and energy. If you refer ten people to the site who each refer ten people, your ten referrals will have you earning commissions on 110 people for life!

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 5. Do I have to have a website to participate?

No! You don't have to have a website to make money as an Affiliate. We provide a "Tell a Friend" link that pastes easily in your e-mail messages (placing it in your signature file is a sure-fire way to keep it actively creating income for you).

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 6. How do I sign-up for the Affiliate program?

Registering for the Affiliate program is a quick process. Upon registering you will be e-mailed confirmation and linking code you can use to refer people to the site. Click here to register now.

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 7. How often are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid in US dollars monthly, provided the total commission earned is over $30.00. The minimum check amount is simply for the purpose of accounting efficiency. If on any given month the minimum is not earned, the total is transferred to the following month and a check will be issued when the minimum is met.

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 8. What's the difference between an Affiliate and an Associate?

To qualify as an Associate, you must be a remarketer or reseller of our products and services to third-party entities. Associates of CRG are walked through our renowned CRG assessments in our exclusive CRG Assessment Systems Certification workshop, and given a license to sell our online and print-based assessment tools and learning solutions to individuals, corporations, non-profit agencies, organizations and more. As a result, Associates are given increased opportunities and benefits. For more information click: Become a VIP Associate.

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 9. Do you offer performance bonuses?

Yes, however only Associates are eligible to receive performance bonuses.

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 10. Where can I find more information on how to become an Associate?

More information on our VIP Associate program is available at: Become a VIP Associate.

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