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Online Stress Indicator and Health Planner

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Stress Indicator and Health Planner

The Online Stress Indicator and Health Planner is a professionally developed 24-page self-administered and self-scored instrument. Responding to 120 questions, you establish your stress and wellness levels in 5 specific sections: Personal Distress (observable through physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms); Interpersonal Stress; Wellness Assessment (including nutritional and health practices); Time; and Occupational Stress.

Armed with your results, you progress to Part 2 of this assessment, The Health Planner—12 pages of specific strategies, techniques, and action items where you can make positive changes for improved health, performance, and quality of life.

Use the SIHP to:

  • Identify Stress in 5 Critical Areas
  • Determine Targeted Action Plans
  • Incorporate Healthy Behaviors
  • Increase Job Satisfaction
  • Improve Quality of Life

Use it for:

  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Each Family Member
  • Employees and Managers
  • HR Strategies

Online Stress Indicator and Health Planner
This version can be completed 24/7, if you or your client have an Internet connection. The Online version automatically calculates and totals your responses to each of the 5 sections and 120 questions.

The Online SIHP includes all the content of the print-based assessment. Your results are stored in your very own Individual Learning Center where you can view, print, or forward (email) them to anyone at any time. The Online SIHP is a powerful option to enhance any wellness, professional development, and/or educational processes.

To view the sample SIHP, click

View Stress Indicator and Health Planner Sample