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CRG's Corporate Learning Center

With CRG’s Corporate Learning Center, you are able to create you own co-branded assessment and learning center with administrative, group creation, and permission level privileges.

This proprietary online Corporate Learning Center has been in development for three years. And we’ve only just touched the surface on what this powerful tool will do to assist development professionals in equipping others to increase their success.



What will CRG’s Corporate Learning Center do for you?
  • Create a secure and private login page with your own branded version.
  • Manage full online administration rights for the lead person of each specific group.
  • Allow managers and professionals (with permission) to view the results of others.
  • Assign access codes and learning modules to individuals, groups, or both.
  • Create unlimited groups based on your specific organizational dynamics.
  • See the results in more than one language. Example: your staff member completes the PSI in Spanish but you want to view the results in English.
  • Manage and track the completion of assigned learning.
  • Administer the Online Personal Style/Job Style Compatibility Reports with multiple applicants for one position, multiple positions for one person, or multiple applicants with multiple positions.
  • Launch the 360° feedback version of each of the CRG assessments, including having others complete the Personal Style Indicator on you to understand how they see you in your specific circumstances.
  • Full 360° functionality and process for the Online Leadership Skills Inventory.






Who will want to use this option?
  • Career Management Professionals
  • Job Search and Placement Agencies
  • HR Departments
  • Training Departments
  • Team Leaders
  • Family Learning Pods
  • Universities
  • Coaches
  • Schools
  • Anyone wanting to facilitate others through a group or dynamic learning system.



Phase Two: Planned for 2012

  • Opportunity to conduct research, foresee trends, and create management reports using Crystal Reports
  • Option to create your own survey or assessment, quickly and easily
  • Choice to add online audio, video, or learning modules
  • Ability to port additional content specific to your organization
  • Expansion of CRG Online Assessments and learning resources, including interactive learning and rich-based learning modules
  • Plus much more . . .


The Corporate Learning Center offers several setup options and levels of service. A monthly subscription—fee-based on our package options from Basic to Platinum—apply, taking into consideration the total number of users permitted in your Learning Center. Sign up now for your Corporate Learning Center account!


Note: Privacy laws and full security protocols apply when using the online Corporate Learning Center.