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Oikos Game

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A Personal Development and Emotional Skills Game!

Oikos Game is. . .

  • a fun, unique, quality, and educational board game
  • an emotional intelligence or EQ game
  • full of pleasant and soothing images and colors
  • intended for ages 5 to 8 and can accommodate 1 to 10 players
  • a tool to teach assertiveness, communication strategies, anger management, problem solving skills, among others
  • designed to help children learn personal development, interpersonal, and emotional skills
  • a great medium that celebrates multicultural diversity and international splendor through its images

Benefits of playing Oikos Game

  • Oikos Game is a great tool to teach children how to deal with bullies, show empathy, be assertive, solve problems, face fears, deal with strangers, good manners, and much more.
  • Oikos Game provides a venue for families to talk about sensitive issues relating to school, community, and family in a safe and secure environment.
  • Oikos Game promotes family interaction and openness
  • Oikos Game sets a pattern for appropriate behavior through its situations that portray real-life events.
  • Oikos Game helps parents and children deal with common issues in a fun way, without parents having to nag.
  • Oikos Game, through its cheerful and colorful images, promotes and celebrates multicultural diversity.
  • Oikos Game encourages reading and mathematical ability during play.
  • Oikos Game promotes coping skills for children.
  • Oikos Game helps children learn skills through rewards and consequences, repetition, family interaction, and play.
  • Oikos Game improves emotional intelligence while having fun.

Oikos Game contains the following:

  • Game Board
  • Game Handbook
  • Emotional Bank Cards
  • Playing Icons
  • Yellow Situation Cards
  • Red Situation Cards
  • Yellow Tokens
  • Red Tokens
  • Yellow Stars
  • Super Awards
  • Superior Awards
  • Awards of Excellence
  • 2 Dice

I'm just amazed by Okios Game and the concept behind it. It teaches a lot of skills that kids can use in facing the challenges of everyday life. Unlike other family games, Okios Gameis indeed educational and fun without really trying. Moreover, I like the way Okios Game help families talk about sensitive issues.

Dr. Henry Borja, Pediatrician

Through his expertise and obvious parenting skills, Dr. Rayel has created a game for children which is both educational and fun to play. It teaches cooperation and important life skills along along with providing practice in reading and mathematics. Okios Game is an excellent teaching tool for small groups of children who can benefit immensely from the practical skills and values it promotes.

Graham Manuel, Teacher

The kids loved this game. It's actually very family friendly, fun, educational, and teaches valuable lessons building life skills that kids need to succeed in everyday life...including school/social and people skills. It's amazing!

Jodie Lynn,
syndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent,
CEO/founder of
and author of family/health book, Mommy-CEO.