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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are here to create, publish, and/or provide innovative learning assessments, tools, systems, processes, and solutions in which learners enthusiastically and easily engage, while assisting the learners to make positive and profound changes.
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1. What is CRG's Affiliate Program?

CRG's Affiliate program is a professionally designed system for individuals, non-profits, in-house corporate trainers, HR professionals, and others who are not able to directly resell our tools. This program allows such professionals to not only receive a discount on purchases made, but also be rewarded for their referral efforts.

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2. How does the two-tiered system work?

Upon signing up as an Affiliate you are given an Affiliate ID and an identifier you can use to refer people to our site. When someone registers on our site after entering through your link, they become your Affiliate-for-life. That means you will earn commission on any purchase they make, from now until eternity, even if they never enter through your link again! If the person you refer then refers others who register, you earn commissions on their purchases for life too, even if you've never met them before in your life! At CRG we believe in rewarding people equally for referrals as direct sales. Great for raising funds! Great for helping friends! Great for improving the bottom line!

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3. What do you mean it's an Affiliate-for-life program?

By Affiliate-for-life, we mean that your permanent identifier is attached to anybody you refer to our website, so you earn commissions forever. With many Affiliate programs, you must refer people to a site through your link for each sale, or no commissions are earned. We've developed the Affiliate program to help you leverage your time—refer them to us once, and earn commissions 24/7! How does making money on vacation and waking up richer than when you went to bed sound?

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4. Is the second tier my Affiliate for life too?

Absolutely. Our purpose for this Affiliate program is to reward you for helping us help others by leveraging your time and energy. If you refer ten people to the site who each refer ten people, your ten referrals will have you earning commissions on 110 people for life!

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5. Do I have to have a website to participate?

No! You don't have to have a website to make money as an Affiliate. We provide a "Tell a Friend" link that pastes easily in your e-mail messages (placing it in your signature file is a sure-fire way to keep it actively creating income for you).

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6. How do I sign-up for the Affiliate program?

Registering for the Affiliate program is a quick process. Upon registering you will be e-mailed confirmation and linking code you can use to refer people to the site. Click here to register now.

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7. How often are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid monthly, provided the total commission earned is over $30.00. The minimum check amount is simply for the purpose of accounting efficiency. If on any given month the minimum is not earned, the total is transferred to the following month and a check will be issued when the minimum is met.

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Leading the Way:

Sample ImageNeed some help getting started? Discover valuable insights and training ideas about how to use each of CRG Consulting Resource Group’s assessment tools and resources to better serve your clients.



Would you like a more comprehensive overview of CRG Consulting Resource Group’s products and services? Watch highlights from various seminars or check out media appearances to see how easily assimilated and impactful the assessments are; listen to participant testimonials and testimonial highlights from the CRG Consulting Resource Group Assessment Systems Certification Program to hear how transformational it was for them; or simply view our educational videos to learn more about CRG Consulting Resource Group’s 100+ fast-paced assessment, learning and development tools.

Living On Purpose

Ken Keis, Living on Purpose

Are you living your life on purpose? If nothing change in your life in the next 5 years would that be okay? If not, what are you going to do about it? Live your life intentionally. Be part of the 10% of the population who are passionate about their lives. Ken has written My Source EXPERIENCE Journal just for that reason. Use this book as a road map to confirming and discovering your purpose.

PSI Seminar Highlights

Want to know more about the Personal Style Indicator? Watch some highlights as Ken Keis, President & CEO of CRG, facilitates a PSI Seminar. Here you will see firsthand not only how easy the PSI is assimilated but how impactful it is! Ken reveals the secret to successful communication so that you can bring amazing freedom, clarity, direction and release to your relationships.

Marriage Uncensored

Marriage UncensoredListen as Ken discusses how CRG's Personal Style Indicator can be used to unlock and solve the mystery to the cause of most relationship failures.

Interviewed by Dr. Dave Currie, and Christie Rayburn on their TV program, Marriage Uncensored, Ken Keis, President & CEO of CRG, talks openly about personal style--your natural predisposition to perceive, approach, and interact with the environment, which includes time, people, tasks, and situations.

You can also view these videos , and more, on our YouTube channel.

Secrets of Success Podcast:

Do you want to enrich your life personally, and professionally, so that you can live a life of purpose and passion? Ken Keis and his special guests (thought leaders in their field) discuss practical strategies, tips, concepts, (their secrets) and insights to living, leading, and working On Purpose!

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Title Duration Listen Now Download MP3

Ken Keis / Amanda Stewart

CRG Interview with Amanda Stewart

In this podcast, Ken talks with Amanda Stewart.

18:21 MP3

Ken Keis / Carol Carter

CRG Interview with Carol Carter

In this podcast, Ken talks with Carol Carter.

27:12 MP3

Ken Keis / Cindy Fafard

CRG Interview with Cindy Fafard

In this podcast, Ken talks with Cindy Fafard.

20:57 MP3

Ken Keis / Patrick Von Pander

CRG Interview with Patrick Von Pander

In this podcast, Ken talks with Patrick Von Pander.

29:42 MP3

Ken Keis / Stephanie Frank

CRG Interview with Stephanie Frank

In this podcast, Ken talks with Stephanie Frank.

26:43 MP3

Ken Keis / Dr. Terry Anderson

CRG Interview with Dr. Terry Anderson

In this podcast, Ken talks with Dr. Terry Anderson.

55:36 MP3

Ken Keis / Cathy Tait

Organizational Effectiveness, Strategic Planning, Coaching, Recruiting and Customer Service - How to Harness the Power of Assessment Tools in a Consulting Engagement.

In this podcast, Ken talks with Cathy Tait about how to harness the power of assessment tools in a consulting engagement.

26:10 MP3

Ken Keis / Richard "Dick" Knowdell

Assessment Strategies - How to Align Assessment Tools with Career Development Strategies and Life Purpose

In this podcast, Ken Keis talks with Richard "Dick" Knowdell about how to align assessment tools with career development strategies and life purpose.

33:55 MP3

Ken Keis / Jan Stringer & Alan Hickman

The Attraction Process - The Number One Strategy for Creating Loyal Raving Fans (clients), Attracting Excellent Employees or your Personal Partner

In this Podcast, Ken Keis talks with Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman about attracting the perfect customer, employees and partner.

75:10 MP3

Ken Keis / Terri Levine

Coaches, Consultants, Trainers & Speakers - How To Make Extra Money, Doing What You're Already Doing

On this coaching call, Terri Levine interviews Ken Keis about ways that you can increase credibility and create revenue opportunities. Ken's purpose is to help you find yours. This interview is recommended for coaches and consultants who have the desire to increase their profits.

64:59 MP3

Ken Keis / Stephanie Frank (The Rich Living Way)

Understanding Your Personal Style (Part 1)

Stephanie Frank asks Ken Keis about the Personal Style Indicator (PSI) and what some of the different scores and personal styles might look like. If you want to learn about the PSI in a more in-depth manner, then we recommend this interview for you."



Ken Keis / Stephanie Frank (The Rich Living Way)

Understanding Your Personal Style (Part 2): Do you have the right style for your business?

Stephanie Frank interviews Ken Keis, and they discuss how personal style impacts business and revenue sources. Building your business from inside out.

45:04 MP3

Christine Till - The Marketing Mentress

The Leadership Challenge - Why Aren't You More Like Me?

Christine Till, the Marketing Mentress, talks with Ken Keis about his book Why Aren't You More Like Me? Listen to Ken's inspiration behind the book, and how CRG assessments can transform your life and business.



Sally Gelardin - Careerwell

Why Aren't You More Like Me? Why Personal Style and Values are Foundational to Your's and Others' Success in Life

In this interview, Dr. Sally Gelardin speaks with Ken Keis about how discovering personal style and your values is key to living an on purpose life. Ken outlines the difference between personal style and personality and what to do about it personally, professionally and with others.

1:00:36 MP3

ICF - International Coaches Federation

Assessment Tools for Effective Coaching: Doubling Your Coaching Results in Business

Ken Keis shares with coaches and development professionals how to double your results while increasing your income with less time using specific steps to success.

58:44 MP3

ICF - International Coaches Federation

Coaching from a Holistic Perspective: Doubling Results

Ken Keis discusses with ICF membership how to double coaching results in your business. You will learn about coaching resources that will leverage your time, expertise, credibility, and increase client engagement and success.

58:05 MP3

NSA Fall Conference

Secrets to Building a Successful Speaking Business

If nothing changed in your life in the next five years, in terms of your business and its structure--would that be okay for you? Six strategies to take your professional development business to the next level.

62:04 MP3

CFUN 1410 AM Radio

Living On Purpose With Ken Keis on Careers Today

Four out of five people reading this dislike their job from mildly irritated to low--Ken wants to help you discover you passions, and live on purpose. He reveals a roadmap on how to discover your life purpose and the steps to get you there.

37:02 MP3


Mastermind Series--Interviewer: Ken Keis

Title Duration Listen Now Download MP3

Debbie Allen

Shameless Promotion With Debbie Allen and Ken Keis

Ken Keis interviews international business speaker and award winning author, Debbie Allen. Debbie is known for her famous books Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters, and Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters. What do you do to get noticed, heard, and results? Listen and find out!

56:23 MP3

Debbie Allen

Shameless Promotion With Debbie Allen and Ken Keis

Ken Keis interviews international business speaker and award winning author, Debbie Allen. Debbie is known for her famous books Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters, and Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters. What do you do to get noticed, heard, and results? Listen and find out!

56:23 MP3

Dr. Terry Anderson

How to Become a Transforming Leader?

Leadership is everything. In this episode Ken and Dr. Terry Anderson discuss Terry's book Transforming Leadership, endorsed by Kenneth Blanchard as the next step after the One Minute Manager. Transforming Leadership and the transforming leadership development model is now being used around the world in numerous university leadership and communication courses. If you want to learn what it really takes to be a successful leader, then listen in.

55:35 MP3

Michelle Blood

Ken Keis interviews Michelle Blood: Be a Magnet to Success

Ken Keis interviews special guest, Michelle Blood, about her expertise when it comes to being a successful individual. Michelle is known for her book Become a Magnet to Money Through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness, as well as her diverse knowledge in business. Learn how to attract success, and learn more about business--tune in for what Michelle has to say.

57:57 MP3

Jan Brogniez and Stacey Hall

Attracting Your Perfect Customer, Job, or Mate

In this Success Tracks Mastermind Interview, Ken Keis speaks with Jan Brogniez and Stacey Hall who are the co-authors of the global best-seller Attracting The Perfect Customers. Listen to Jan and Stacey explain why they chose to write the book together, and they also discuss the concepts from their book in-depth. Listeners will learn how to be successful in attracting not only the perfect customer, but the perfect job, partner, and relationship.

60:09 MP3

David Chalk

Success Principles in a High-Tech High-Touch World

Host, Ken Keis speaks with entrepreneur, David Chalk, who is a success and technology expert. Listen in on how technology can change our lives, and influence business. David discusses how he successfully ran a 150 million dollar company, learn how he did it.

57:11 MP3

Stephanie Frank

The Rich Living Way for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

In this episode, Ken Keis interviews special guest Stephanie Frank about lifestyle entrepreneurs. Stephanie built a million dollar business by the age of 22, and is the founder of The Rich Living Way Community for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs.

60:44 MP3

Anne S. Gillis

The Art and Wisdom of Easy Living

Is your life hard, or is it easy? Ken Keis interviews Anne S. Gillis who is an expert on ease. She is known as the ambassador of joy, and is the founder of the EZospohy Movement. Listen to Anne explain EZosophy and how your life can be easier.

60:15 MP3

Dr. Stephen Haines

Strategic Thinking for Success in your Life and Business

The late Dr. Stephen Haines was interviewed by Ken Keis to discuss how his background paved a pathway into business. Haines was the President of the Centre for Strategic Management and Systems Thinking Press. Listen to his expert advice on strategic planning, and his experience working with people to get their lives and businesses on the right track. Learn how you can be successful in both your life and business, from the expert himself.

55:20 MP3

Mark Victor Hansen

What you think about comes about: Chicken Soup Author - Mark Victor Hansen

Want to know how you can connect to your purpose? Listen in on this interview; Ken Keis speaks to best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen, who is an expert on motivation and inspiration. Mark sold over 80 million books in one series alone, and has inspired leaders for over 25 years. Learn how he reached such a high level of success, and how he can help you find your purpose.

58:27 MP3

Stewart Levine

Turning Conflict into Collaboration

Have you ever had conflict? For most of us, the answer is yes. Listen in on this interview, and learn how you can turn conflict into a successful collaboration. In this interview Ken Keis speaks with Stewart Levine who is a "recovering" lawyer, and an expert at getting people to think differently about conflict and resolution. Stewart is the best-selling author of Getting to Resolution: Turning Conflict into Collaboration.

60:03 MP3

Michael Losier

Law of Attraction -- Getting more of what you want

Michael Losier, author of the best-selling book Law of Attraction is a guest on Ken Keis' show, and what he has to say will change your life. Learn about Michael's background before he became a best-seller, which contributed to his passion for personal development, and listen to him discuss his book in-depth. Find out why he recommends we should eliminate the words "don't," "not," and "no" from our vocabulary.

61:09 MP3