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Nothing great in the world has been
accomplished without passion.

Georg Wilhelm
O Magazine
September 2003

This Week's Inspiration

Without Passion, You Can Never Really Experience Fulfillment!

Passion: The emotions as distinguished from reason; intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction; an outbreak of anger; ardent affection; a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept; sexual desire; an object of desire or deep interest.
Synonyms: Fervor, ardor, enthusiasm, zeal

Are you passionate about EVERYTHING in your life?

First, let's consider the opposite scenario.

Imagine one of your friends or co-workers with the following personality traits.

What success do you think this person will achieve? Would he inspire you or others? Would he inspire himself? Most likely not!

So let's go back to the question.
Are you passionate about everything in your life? I mean everything! If your answer is Yes, great! If not, let's investigate the implications.

Without passion, you cannot be fully engaged or feel fulfilled in your life. It's like living each day in Black and White instead of Dazzling Color!

What are some of the consequences of a lack of passion?

A lack of passion is self-centered behavior; it is attention focused inward—not on the numerous opportunities around us.

Being passionate about your life is your choice. You may offer excuses but, in the end, you have the capability to decide.

Passion at Work
Your passion at work emanates from connecting to and applying your purpose. If you love flying but are working in retail, there is a disconnect—but you still have the choice to engage your desire to fly. You can start to build your plan to get where you want to be.

If you hate your work, who's responsible for that? Take ownership of your condition and your situation. If you don't plan to stay in that position forever, fine, but always give your best today. Be seen as a leader. Remember: References are important when you move on. Help create a work environment where people will miss you when you leave—not give you a good-riddance send-off. Please see the Action Steps below.

Passion in Relationships
Love Your Choice is a great book on relationships. Last month's Leading On Purpose ezine conveyed that input equals output. If you focus on all the negative things about your partner, you will output negative feelings. Choose passion, and you may be surprised.

Some of you are thinking about how unlovable your partner is. I would guess you are receiving what you are putting out. Am I right? You get what you put in. Be passionless with your partner and that's what you'll get back. That applies to relatives and all friendships, too.

Passion in Life
Life has so much to offer. Express your enthusiasm in every moment—at work, in the checkout line at the grocery store, in your hobbies, and during your recreational activities.

In pro sports, you can tell which athletes have lost passion for the game and which have not. In many retirement speeches, players say they could still contribute to the game but they have lost their passion—and without it, the sport they once loved is no longer fulfilling.

Passion is a prerequisite to the fulfillment and engagement level of your life. While I admit some people are over-the-top in their exuberance, what I mean here is that you must have a confident commitment to be passionate in everything you do.

Passion is a choice. It has very little to do with your circumstances.

What would others say about your passion level in all areas of your life?

How do you rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?
1 = poor
10 = excellent

Let's all strive to be as close to 10 as we can in all areas!

Start now. Choose passion over indifference. You might be pleasantly surprised.

CRG's calling is to assist others to live, lead, and work on purpose—including helping people discover their passion and learn how to live it, intentionally,every day.

Consider the following processes and assessments.

This Week's Action Steps

Without Passion, You Can Never Really Experience Fulfillment!

  1. How passionate are you in all areas of your life? What would others say about your level of passion?

  2. Where can you improve your passion level at work, in relationships, and in life? List them now!

  3. Passion is a choice. If your passion level is low, don't blame others or your circumstances.

  4. If you are working in a role or industry you dislike, acknowledge it and start focusing on what you want. Regardless, do your best in your current position. A positive mindset will assist you to achieve your next goal.

  5. To help people discover their passion and purpose, I wrote My Source EXPERIENCE Journal™–A Personal Discovery Process for Those Who Want to Lead a Passionate and Fulfilling Life.. In 88-pages, you can confirm your passions and connect with your purpose.

  6. Your relationships (for the most part) are a reflection of the level of passion and commitment you have put into them. If you and your significant other are not connected (passionate) to each other, you can choose to change that. Kids or relatives also will respond to you when you engage them with more passion.

  7. Look at the rest of your life. What could you change to improve your passion?

  8. Benchmark your gifts, talents, and passion by using CRG assessments. Your results will assist you to establish your beliefs with confidence, and increase your passion in all areas of your life. As part of the clarification process, we recommend four specific assessments.

  9. Fulfillment comes from being fully and passionately engaged in life. From this very moment, choose to live every day with passion!

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!

Ken Keis

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