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Man is the artificer of his own happiness.

Henry David Thoreau
1817 – 1862

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This Week´s Inspiration

The Seven Character Qualities of Happy People 

Happiness: Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction or joy; Cheerful, willing; Enthusiastic.

Would you call yourself happy? 

Would others call you happy?

Are you in pursuit of happiness? If you are, the following information will outline what you need to do to find it.

According to new research, happiness is 50% genetic and 50% influenced by you. 

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the seven key qualities and characteristics of happiness that you can directly influence. They provide the framework for achieving happiness. 

We have written about some of these qualities in previous ezines. No single characteristic on its own creates happiness. They are a package deal. 

The Seven Character Qualities of Happiness

  1. Optimistic: If you want to be happy, you must look for opportunities and positively believe and feel that you can achieve what you want out of life. Few people would call a pessimistic person happy.
  2. Savor Life: Happy people live in the moment. They understand they can feel happy now—during their journey through daily life experiences. They don’t have to wait to be happy sometime in the future, at the culmination of their efforts. 
  3. Spiritual: There is a strong correlation between an individual’s spiritual grounding and orientation and his or her happiness. Faith and the acknowledgement that there is more going on than meets the eye creates peace of mind and letting go.
  4. Family and Friends: Relationships matter to your happiness. These interactions contribute to your happiness and your longevity. Family and friends enrich your life and increase its meaningfulness. 
  5. Goals: Happy people know where they are going and they have written goals to prove it! Without direction or ambition, it is difficult for you to be happy.
  6. Gratitude: Happy individuals are thankful for what they have and make the best of almost any situation or condition. This is not a phony mental position but a sincere acknowledgement that no matter what their circumstances, hundreds and thousands of people are worse off than they are.
  7. Helpful: Happiness comes from the gift of giving, not taking. The research is clear: happy people give more than unhappy people do, at all levels—including time, resources, and money.

What is not on this list? Money! The research shows that money does not contribute to happiness. Nor does money reduce happiness. Money is independent of the seven characteristics of happiness. The research shows that whether people are happy or unhappy, a fluctuating financial state does not change or influence their happiness level. 

So . . . those of you who use money as a pivotal reason for your happiness level must give that up. It’s a red herring!

This research also confirmed my position that for individuals to be happy, they must not only discover but follow their purpose and passion in life. In some cases, that means turning your back on years of experience and training to pursue your true purpose that will give you the capacity to savor your life. Recently, one of my friends—a doctor—quit medicine to follow his entrepreneurial passions; he has never been happier! 

My purpose is to help others find and live their purpose. To assist everyone, I strongly suggest My Source EXPERIENCE Journal™—A Personal Discovery Process for Those Who Want to Lead a Passionate and Fulfilling Life. This 88-page book has the questions that you need to answer to find your happiness. 

As noted in the research, happiness has a lot to do with perspective. What if you knew that you knew that you knew and that you were on track and on purpose?! It is interesting to note that each of the seven qualities of happiness is outlined in My Source EXPERIENCE Journal™ book—which I was writing prior to the publication of the research. 

I encourage you to consider investing in your life or someone else’s life withMy Source EXPERIENCE Journal™.

Choose happiness!

This Week´s Action Steps

The Seven Character Qualities of Happy People

  1. How happy would you rate yourself—below, average, or above average?
  2. Are you more or less happy than the people around you?
  3. At least 50% of happiness is your choice. Do you feel comfortable with your level of happiness?
  4. Research has identified seven key characteristics of happiness. Rate yourself in each of the following qualities—from 1 (low) to 7 (high). 
    1. You are optimistic
    2. You savor life—you are in the moment and you enjoy living that way.
    3. You have spiritual grounding and a faith position.
    4. You engage and connect regularly with family and friends.
    5. You have written goals and you know where you are going.
    6. You have an attitude of gratitude.
    7. You are helpful and give freely others your time and resources.
  5. Out of a possible 49 points above, how did you do? Are you happy with your results?
  6. Are there any areas you need to improve? If Yes, where? What?
  7. Happy individuals know who they are and where they are going. To help you and others clarify and confirm, I encourage you to engage my new book,My Source EXPERIENCE Journal™—A Personal Discovery Process for Those Who Want to Lead a Passionate and Fulfilling Life.
  8. The research group revealed that money or wealth has little or no influence on an individual’s level of happiness. Money will not make you happy, nor will it make you unhappy. Money is an independent item.
  9. Your level of happiness has little to do with your circumstances and everything to do with the way you respond to and engage your circumstances. If you feel unhappy, look into a mirror. The good news is that you won’t have to go far to see the reflection.
  10. Are you a person that others want to be around? Are people attracted to you? You have a choice to be happy—so why not be happy?

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!.

Ken Keis

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