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In science, “'fact” can only mean “confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent.” I suppose that apples might start to rise tomorrow, but the possibility does not merit equal time in physics classrooms.

Stephen Jay Gould
1941 – 2002
US author, naturalist, paleontologist, and popularizer of science

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This Week´s Inspiration

Science & Research: Fact, Fiction, or Opinion?

Science: An area of knowledge that is an object of study

Research: inquiry or examination aimed at the discovery and interpretation of new knowledge; the collecting of information about a particular subject.

  • Do you believe everything you hear when the words science and research are applied?
  • Do you know that thousands of individuals are alive today—years after medical science gave them days or weeks to live?
  • Do you know that the success of some individuals today defies the educational and intellectual research that stated they would be failures?

Is the expectation in our society that we take the opinions of science and research as truth rather than what most of it really is: opinion? Reread the definition of research above to note a very important word: interpretation. That’s what all professionals must do with data; they convert their findings into applications and offer an opinion.

What is this topic doing in a personal-development ezine? To encourage you to think for yourself! 

I find many individuals take science and research as truth, not opinion. Just this shift in mind set will free us to consider the source and conduct our own research. Here are a few science and research items to consider.

Science and Research once taught or currently teaches the following.

  • The sun rotates around the Earth.
  • You bleed out the patient to heal him or her.
  • Man will never fly.
  • Going to the moon is not possible.
  • Your child has ADHD. He or she must take Ritalin to treat it.
  • The US Federal Drug Administration states that only drugs can cure disease.
  • Only a low-fat diet will make you healthy.
  • You must have a low-carb diet to be healthy.
  • You must have a vegetarian diet to be healthy.
  • Smoking does not harm you.
  • The MBTI Type Indicator is valid.
  • Only psychologists are qualified to tell you who you are.
  • Red wine is harmful.
  • Red wine is not harmful.
  • The sun’s rays are bad for you.
  • You need the sun’s rays to be healthy
  • The drug _______ has very few short- and long-term side effects

And so on . . .

The reality is that most science and research are opinions within a given time and space that are constantly being revised and updated. We must also acknowledge that a lot of science and research serve some master. If you recall in the Harrison Ford movie Fugitive, he was a doctor who discovered that the medical trials on a new drug had been tampered with to protect the profit of the investing company and research doctor. I am not here to rant that everything is a conspiracy (as Mel Gibson did in his movie Conspiracy Theory) but to encourage you to add wisdom and discernment to your choices.

Just because everyone says it is one way does not necessarily make it true. In many cases, new research overturns long-standing claims and opinions. Even Darwin refuted his own theory of evolution after further research but, by that time, his theory had taken on a life of its own.

So the challenge for you today is to sift through all the noise, science, and research to establish and confirm your own opinions. 

Don’t get me wrong. Research and science are required and are indeed noble undertakings but, in the end, many studies conflict and refute each other, which does not contribute to useable information—just more confusion.

Take a moment and zero in on one belief in your life that you had to switch or reverse because of current truth or opinion. Did this belief cost you or others in your life? Think of someone you know who holds onto old research/opinions. What is that potentially costing him or her?

The purpose of this ezine is to encourage you to pay attention and not be a lemming going over the cliff with others who embrace developing science and research without careful review. 

One of the foundations on which CRG built its assessments is that we give permission to our participants to tell the instrument who they are versus the other way around. I have seen professionals actually argue with their clients about the clients’ perception and opinions of themselves; they tell mature, grounded clients that their opinions about themselves are wrong. Excuse me, but who do they think they are?

To assist you on your own journey and give you a road map to confirm your own opinions, I am recommending five resources. 

  1. To be clear about your values, complete the Values Preference Indicator. This is your own opinion about your values.
  2. To help you with your health intentions, complete the Stress Indicator and Health Planner
  3. To increase your confidence, use the Self Worth Inventory.
  4. To understand and be clear about your preferred modes of personal operations, complete the Personal Style Indicator.
  5. To be clear about your direction in life, My Source EXPERIENCE Journal™ will help you discover your purpose and directions. This is a self-discovery process where only you can provide the answers to the questions.
If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?

Albert Einstein, Physicist 
1879 – 1955

This Week´s Action Steps

Science & Research: Fact, Fiction, or Opinion?

  1. Do you blindly believe all science and research as fact?
  2. If you or someone else believes all research as truth without question, what could be the consequences?
  3. Take a moment to review your primary beliefs. Have you ever questioned the source of your opinions?
  4. When and where do you recall science and research contradicting themselves? What could the impact be on you when that occurs?
  5. Are you paying attention? If you have never been wrong about a key life issue or ever changed your mind about certain beliefs, you are not keeping up with the latest information.
  6. Do you have enough confidence and grounding to make up your own mind?
  7. I encourage you to take responsibility to be discerning about what is fact, fiction, or fad.
  8. Be courageous when faced with contrary opinions. If you feel your position—no matter how much others oppose it—has merit, proceed as best you can to verify your view.
  9. Observe yourself when you change your opinion from something you believed was fact. Determine the events that helped generate your new perception.
  10. To assist you in confirming your own opinions and beliefs, I am recommending the following self-discovery resources: Values Preference Indicator, Stress Indicator and Health Planner, Self Worth Inventory, Personal Style Indicator, and My Source EXPERIENCE Journal ™.
  11. Finally, allow this to be a natural process while you enjoy new confidence thinking for yourself.

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!.

Ken Keis

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