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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity—and I'm not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein
1879 – 1955

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This Week´s Inspiration

Hello: Is Anybody Home?

Stupidity: to show dullness of mind

Oblivious: lacking mindful attention

The sad thing about stupidity is that it’s so pervasive. Even TV shows and movies are being named after it—like Oblivious and Clueless.

Lack of attention affects our lives, sometimes with dire consequences. Here are examples of oblivious. As a result of their actions, these individuals may be judged as stupid. 

  • A person gets off the escalator, then stops to look around, thus blocking the way of people behind him/her.
  • A person interrupts with unrelated questions while you are both watching a movie or a TV show.
  • A customer service clerk watches you walk in the hotel’s main door, bags in tow, and asks if you are checking in.
  • A person engages a service rep in idle chatter, while customers are lined up behind him/her.

Those individuals are oblivious to their surroundings and the impact of their behavior. For whatever reason, they are not paying attention.

Here are they possible causes.

  • They are displaying dullness of mind. 
  • They are self-absorbed.
  • They are unaware of others’ needs and wants.
  • They are insensitive.
  • They don’t respect others.

So what about you? Are you unknowingly frustrating others by not paying attention? 

Where in your life are you not paying attention? What affect are your actions having on others and on your credibility? 

Are you brave enough to ask for feedback from others you trust? They will reveal what is already true, so you can become aware of it. The opposite of aware is oblivious—and who wants that?!

Do you have colleagues or friends who are oblivious? Saying nothing only contributes to the erosion of their credibility and keeps them in the dark. If you provide feedback and they do not address the situation, however, that is another issue. 

Some individuals, no matter what you do, will operate in another time dimension, where everything is delayed or disjointed. If your advisors or the professionals who serve you show those traits, replace them. You don’t want your doctor to be a beat behind you.

I have found that individuals who play to their strengths and who know themselves will tend to be the most awake. 

The following resources will help you be more awake and aware: the Personal Style Indicator, Self Worth Inventory, Values Preference Indicator, and the My Source EXPERIENCE Journal™.

Pay attention to what is going on around you. You never know when TV’s Oblivious will be in town.

This Week´s Action Steps

Hello: Is Anybody Home?

  1. Are you really paying attention to your environment? Do people think you are oblivious to many things happening around you?
  2. Do you know how you are perceived by others? If not, be brave—ask a trusted friend.
  3. Are some individuals in your life constantly in an oblivious state?
  4. If you answered Yes to question 3, have you talked to them about their lack of attention to their environment? If not, why not?
  5. How can you become more attentive in your life? Identify people who can help you with this development project.
  6. Everyone will have moments in their life where they are oblivious. Make sure it is not a habit.
  7. To help you on your own journey, become awake to your condition and preferences. Use the Personal Style Indicator, Self Worth Inventory, Values Preference Indicator, and the My Source EXPERIENCE Journal™.
  8. Make this week a study in human behavior. Pay extra attention to the responses and actions of those around you.
  9. Notice how many people are oblivious to their environment. What is that costing them in credibility and reputation?
  10. Have fun with this people-watching activity. Many oblivious moments can be humorous. The humor will help you react with less negative emotion.
  11. Finally I encourage each of you to fully engage life. Be awake and aware of your surroundings and actions. Be home!
Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than…conscientious stupidity.

Martin Luther King Jr.
1929 – 1968

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!.

Ken Keis

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