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Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.

William James
US Pragmatist, Philosopher, and Psychologist

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This Week´s Inspiration

Pay Attention to Your Attitude

What would others say about your attitude? Is it positive or negative―attractive or repelling―productive or destructive?

Attitude: A mental position or feeling with regard to a fact or state

Over the past several decades, much has been written about how our mental and emotional attitudes influence our physical and material world. 

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the power of our thoughts. Let’s expand that to include the impact our attitudes have in every aspect of our life.

Without getting into details or a long debate, I would like to suggest that all life is energy. Energy infers some type of usable power. 

Attitudes have energy and are impacting us and those around us. Here is an example: when we are nervous, our palms become sweaty and our voicebox contracts. Our physical body is reflecting our attitude at that moment! 

What does that really mean for you and me?

Attitude―your attitude―is a mental position or feeling that you have given to a specific event or state. Several people experiencing the same event may have varying attitudes toward the situation. Why? At that moment, they have a choice! They can choose to see the event with either positive or negative thought-energy.

More and more research is proving that our attitudes and beliefs—general or specific—can impact and influence our outcomes and the environment in our lives. Here are some examples.

  • You think there are no good jobs―and none show up.
  • You believe there are few—if any—quality individuals available to invite on a date or few appropriate people with whom to have a meaningful relationship―and you can’t find anyone.
  • You think you are not worthy of success and—surprise—you don’t have much.

Compare those thoughts and attitudes to these.

  • You feel qualified and confident in your profession—and others feel the same about you.
  • You strongly believe you can succeed in you own business―and you take the risks necessary to do so.
  • You have never written but feel you can be a great writer and—over time—you produce excellent work.

Your attitudes influence the way you react, regardless of the circumstances. Do you have a positive stance about a situation until a challenging event occurs, then change your mind or attitude and become negative?

In a moment, I will outline two situations. I want you think about them. Please pay attention to the feelings and the energy level each situation causes in your body.

  1. One of your best friends―single for many years―calls with excitement in his voice. He wants to come over immediately to share some news. A few minutes later, he arrives, sporting a glow that could light half your city. He says he has finally found his soulmate. You can literally feel the positive vibes coming from his entire being and that makes YOU feel great! 
  2. You have avoided a certain family member for years. Most of her immediate relations have abandoned her. She is miserable, negative, and a chronic complainer. When something goes wrong, it is always somebody else’s fault. It so happens you must spend the entire day with her; no one else will. You will be exposed to her entrenched bitterness for the next 12 hours. How do you feel? Do you want to stay or flee?

The point is that both stories are non-physical events that can and will manifest into physical and emotional outcomes of a positive or negative nature. That is true for all events every day for us.

I wish to confirm that everyone reading this ezine is important. Regardless of a person’s constructive or destructive nature, he or she has value. Now, let’s question that behavior and level of contribution. 

There is little or no redeeming value in having a negative attitude. It certainly does not build up others and does not contribute to your own well-being. I am still learning how to continuously achieve the desired state of being positive. I am not talking about flaky, larger-than-life forced positivity, but solid-to-the core attitude of I can and I will

That doesn’t mean you are not totally honest about any given situation. Remember: your attitude is a mental position, feeling, it is your reaction to an event or situation and your perception of events.

Be cautious about the company you keep. It’s OK to protect yourself from others’ negative attitudes. Select your friends and advisors carefully. Create relationships that work and find people who support your attitudes. Be vigilant. 

Some individuals have a more natural inclination to be positive than others but, in the end, we are each responsible for our own attitudes. Don’t doubt your ability to achieve and maintain the positive state. To assist you on this journey of self-discovery, complete the Personal Style Indicator, Values Preference Indicator, and the Self Worth Inventory. They will help frame the important elements to help you create a more positive attitude—and thus a more positive life.

You are where you are now because of your attitudes. If you don’t like your current location/success, maybe it’s time to change your direction by changing your attitudes.

This Week´s Action Steps

Pay Attention to Your Attitudes 

  1. Be aware that your attitudes influence your physical and emotional life.
  2. What would others say about your attitudes? Are you positive, negative, indifferent, or ?
  3. Do your attitudes serve you and others in building positive outcomes? If not, why not? What attitudes can you change to improve your outcomes and results?
  4. Are you where you want to be? If not, what attitudes have hindered your progress?
  5. What kind of friends do you keep? Are they positive or negative? Do they encourage you and support you or do they drag you down?
  6. Do you need to consider creating new relationships that will help and support you? 
  7. Become self-aware of your preferences by completing the Personal Style Indicator, Values Preference Indicator, and Self Worth Inventory. 
  8. Having a positive attitude does not mean you can’t be honest about a negative situation. A positive attitude will help you react and respond differently about the situation.
  9. Banish doubt. Never let doubt take hold. Doubt is a negative energy when it comes to your own success.
  10. You ALWAYS have the choice of selecting the attitude with which you will respond to a person or a situation. It is called free will.

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!

Ken Keis

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