“When we are grateful for the good we already have, we attract more good into our life. On the other hand, when we are ungrateful, we tend to shut ourselves off from the good we might otherwise experience.”

Margaret Stortz

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This Week´s Inspiration

As I write this final Living on Purpose e-zine for 2003, I can’t help but reflect and be thankful for the past year.

What is being thankful really about? It starts when each of us can consciously be appreciative for the things we have or we have enjoyed. I have found this is only the first part to being thankful. 

If we want to have a thankful heart and spirit, the second part requires us to choose the attitude that our thankfulness is greater than our disappointments, frustrations, or the negative events we are or have been experiencing. 

This means that being thankful is a state of mind rather than a condition or set of circumstances. It is how we interpret the events that happen in our life, not what happens. I would like you to think of two individuals you have known in your life: one who — no matter what — is thankful for his or her situation and life and the other — no matter what — is never really thankful for much.

If given the choice, which individual would you want to do more to help? Obviously, we would do more for the thankful person. 

What about each of you reading this ezine: would people observe a thankful spirit inside you or . . .?

Let me give you an example before you head off to enjoy this holiday season. Over the past few years, significant negative events have occurred in my business and personal life. Now I could choose to be unthankful, bitter, or upset about these experiences, or I could look at the events with a thankful and discerning heart. 

I have discovered that in every negative event, there is an equal or greater positive side. When one of my companies went bankrupt — because our general manager did an Enron on us and ripped off all our funds — I could have been very unthankful. And yes, I was not pleased, but I learned many life lessons from this event. It was clear later on, that this company was taking away from my focus on CRG and the global impact we are now making through our resources.

Having the right people on your team is everything. Never compromise your values when hiring or working with someone else. That was not true in that company. I am thankful for these lessons. I am a better and wiser person as a result of the experience.

We all have a choice to be thankful for the many blessings we already have; your attitude of thankfulness will actually attract more blessings. A friend once framed this for me — that no matter what your life condition, there is almost always someone worse off. Complaining adds no value and does not resolve the situation.

On the opposite side of this debate, I encourage you to have great dreams, visions, and goals. I believe those desires will be best achieved while appreciating and being thankful for what we already have while on the journey of greater success. 

I am thankful for . . .

  • My two wonderful children, Timothy 8 and Stephanie 7, who adore their mom and dad and embrace life with a passion.

  • My wife Brenda, who after 11 years — with me spending more than half that time on the road — loves me more deeply than when we first met.
  • The privilege to be the owner of CRG with the vision and resources to transform individuals and help change the world.
  • The great CRG team and the gifts and talents they bring to fulfilling our vision.
  • For you, a reader somewhere in the world dedicated to improving yourself and others, this e-zine would have no purpose without you.
  • Being part of a free society that allows me to express my gifts, talents, purpose, and beliefs without fear of repercussion.

And what are you thankful for?

This Week´s Action Steps
  1. What would your friends and family say about your thankful spirit?

  2. Take some time throughout the next few days to become conscious of all the things you are thankful for.

  3. Acknowledge and recognize all the areas of your life for which you are not currently thankful; reframe your attitude the best you can to embrace a thankful spirit even in these situations.

  4. Share this gift: give it away. Tell others you appreciate them and are thankful for their contribution in your life.

  5. Know that your life is a reflection of the friends you keep. If you have an individual or friend who is rarely thankful, maybe it’s time to rethink the amount of time you spend with that person.

  6. Surround yourself with others who have a thankful spirit; it is contagious.

  7. Know that I am personally thankful that you spend your valuable time with me every month. It has been an honor to serve you through my thoughts and words.


Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!

Ken Keis

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