“Along with the responsibility of creating and generating comes the moral responsibility of giving something back.”

Bob Briner, Author
Ninety Proven Leadership Principles

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This Week´s Inspiration

Are you giving back your share?

A speaker from the UK asked that question of the audience in a program I recently attended. The man was clear about the critical principle of giving back, and was bold enough to state that if giving is not part of your personal or business life, your success is being significantly reduced. And by holding back on your giving, your impact on helping others is also reduced. 

Strong statements. 

But based on my personal and others’ experience, I totally confirm and endorse his words.

As each of us moves toward our Purpose, certain universal principles apply to us all. I suggest to you that giving or tithing is one of these principles.

Before I go into the specifics, let’s think about the economics of this premise. Let’s assume one person reading this e-zine has $1 dollar to spend; he proceeds to spend it by buying something from another of our e-zine readers. That second reader spends the $1 with a third reader, and so on. 

Let’s also assume this activity has reached a total of 1000 individuals.

1. How much money do we have? 
2. How much wealth was created?

Although we started with only $1, we have created $1000 worth of wealth. What if every individual and/or business—profit and non-profit—gave a percentage of their financial resources to another group? The impact would be amazing. Rather than having the wealth end up in the Dead Sea (stopped), the money would be in motion. Like the rapids in a river, it would create momentum and life.

Some people would argue they don’t have enough money to give some away.

Principles have no biases. Gravity does not discriminate, nor does the principle of giving.

An important benefit of the giving process is the way you feel after you give. It is better to give than receive.

Oddly enough, as you give more, more will be given to you. If you respect and honor this principle, you will be given more of the means necessary to fulfill it.

By the way, universal principles are very forgiving. They do not care what you’ve done in the past; they simply respond to what you are doing now. 

This Week´s Action Steps
  1. How much should you give?

    1. If you are a wage earner, give 10% of your gross earnings including all the cash gifts that you get. Don’t cheat the system; keep a log of your 10%.
    2. If you are person of faith and/or a specific belief system, invest your 10% in the place where you receive your spiritual nourishment. 
    3. If you are a business, give 10% of your net at year end. Make it a line item in your budget. If you have partners and they disagree with your wish, set aside your portion of the net profits and give your percentage from that amount. 
    • Giving is not restricted to money; resources count, too. Time, expertise, facilities, equipment, etc., can be given for others to use, as well. This can be in addition to the 10% noted above.
    • Non-profit groups are not exempt from the sharing process. Organizations like the Red Cross, United Way, the church, and other non-profit organizations should also give 10% to other organizations, not just to their own programs or constituents.
    • Identify and support the organizations that reflect your values.

    If you truly want to experience a new level of Living On Purpose, take the action steps now and encourage others to follow the same principles. 

    Next issue: How certain actions can set up roadblocks that hinder our success – whether we give or not.


Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!

Ken Keis

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