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Health is not valued till sickness comes.

Dr. Thomas Fuller
British Physician
1654 – 1734


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Learning about yourself is very rewarding, The CRG Assessment Systems Certification Workshop was very inspiring. I finally have the tools to work on the weight of not knowing where I belong in life.

Caroline Laboucan
Blueberry First Nations


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Focus on Professional Development

Reducing Stress and Increasing Health
Using CRG's Stress Indicator and Health Planner

A Series of Five Sections
Section Five: Occupational Stress Assessment

One of the benefits of the Stress Indicator and Health Planner is that it segments stress into 5 categories that provide you, the participant, with the opportunity to focus on opportunities for improvement.

As mentioned in Section One (Personal Distress Assessment), experts have confirmed that up to 90% of illness is related to stress and lifestyle. That means most illness is preventable. The Stress Indicator and Health Planner helps you establish a benchmark of your current stress levels and provides a roadmap for improvement.

Stress affects each of us differently. In the end, stress—regardless of the source—will show up in the three areas we are measuring in this ezine.

The following information is from CRG’s Stress Indicator and Health Planner by Gwen Faulkner, PhD, MSN; Terry Anderson, PhD; and Ken Keis, MBA.

From Section Five: Occupational Stress, please complete the following 15 questions on yourself.
  • In the boxes provided, print the number that best describes how often you have experienced the symptoms during the past month.
  • Be completely honest. There is no benefit in misrepresenting
    the truth.

The Scale

About 10% or less of the time


About 25% of the time


About 50% of the time


About 75% of the time


About 90% or more of the time





Stress Indicator and Health Planner
The Statements from
Section Five:
Occupational Stress



I feel supported by my supervisor/manager.
For entrepreneurs: I feel supported by family, peers, and friends.



I feel my work/business is challenging and offers me opportunity for advancement and growth.



When my responsibilities at home conflict with my job/business, a solution is easy to find.



I enjoy my job, responsibilities, and/or business and there is no other career/business I would rather be doing.



I rarely find myself working late and taking work home because of too much to do.



My co-workers (employees, friends, or family) respect me as a competent individual.



I find healthy ways to cope with excessive job stress.



My physical work environment is enjoyable to me.



I am sure about what is expected of me in my job or what I have to do in my business to succeed.



Those with whom I work or conduct business have similar goals and values to mine.



I feel liked and valued by my co-workers (employees or peers).



I feel I receive adequate recognition and reward for the work I do.



I enjoy the lifestyle (days and hours) my work or business requires or provides.



I am paid/earn enough for what I do.



I have the required skills, training, and competencies to fulfill my role and responsibilities successfully.


Occupational Stress Assessment
‹ Your  Score


Here's what the total is indicating.

Total 75 to 65Low Stress
Total 55 to 45Average Stress
Total 35 to 25High Stress
Note:  The higher the number, the less stess you have.
Occupational Stress

Many aspects of the work/business setting contribute to stress: Environmental, structural, job, work and business responsibilities, and interpersonal.

In addition, the latest research reveals that 70% to 80% of individuals dislike their jobs. Responses range from a feeling of mild irritation all the way to downright loathing. In fact, only 10% of the population is passionate about their career or work. That can add up to a lot of stress for individuals in the workplace and in business.

To reduce your occupational stress, here are some strategies and ideas to consider.

  • First, be clear about the type of roles and responsibilities you enjoy and find fulfilling and those where you do—or could—excel.
  • Make sure the nature of the work/business you are doing matches your preferred work style or behaviors. The Personal Style Indicator and Job Style Indicator are powerful resources that can help you in that regard.
  • If you own your own business or you are in sales, consider completing theEntrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator or the Sales StyleIndicator.
  • To proactively deal with stress-related issues, apply all the other stress and health techniques mentioned in this Health Planner into your work/business situation.
  • Sometimes, a minor change can result in a major improvement. Shifting work/role priorities and taking on others, for which you are better suited, can make a big difference in your health.
  • Ask or request support where appropriate and possible. Having competent team members and delegating tasks are important to this process.
  • Put the big rocks—family and important relationships—into your schedule first, before work or business obligations take away all your time.
  • Be real about how you are contributing to your own stress levels by the way you react or respond to work-related activities.
  • Learn to take care of yourself in the work/business environment. Accommodate your needs, such as taking breaks, learning to say No when you are overwhelmed, and so on.

What do you need to reduce your occupational stress?
This concludes the 5-part series on the Stress Indicator and Health Planner. Wellness sometimes gets ignored until illness or an accident affects us.

What is your health worth? It’s priceless! I encourage you to go back through this 5-part series and start making plans to decrease your stress and increase your health. Be proactive, before it’s too late!

    To access the entire Stress Indicator and Health Planner online or in print, please click this link. In addition to the 120 stress and wellness related questions, you will find 12 pages of suggestions and ideas on how to improve your health.

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