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Over the years, your bodies become walking autobiographies, telling friends and strangers alike of the minor and major stresses of your lives.

Marilyn Ferguson


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This 3-day CRG Assessment Systems Certification Workshop was exhausting, valuable, and a real eye-opener. It gives you the tools and the understanding behind the material to facilitate the workshops properly.
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Focus on Professional Development

Reducing Stress and Increasing Health
Using CRG's Stress Indicator and Health Planner

A Series of Five Sections
Section Two: Interpersonal Stress Assessment

One of the benefits of the Stress Indicator and Health Planner is that it segments stress into five categories that provide you, the participant, with the opportunity to focus on opportunities for improvement.

As mentioned in Section One (Personal Distress Assessment), experts have confirmed that up to 90% of illness is stress- and lifestyle-related. That means most illness is preventable. The Stress Indicator and Health Planner helps you establish a benchmark of your current stress levels, then provides a road map for improvement.

Section Two has 15 questions.

Stress affects each of us differently. In the end, stress—regardless of the source—will show up in the three areas we are measuring in this ezine.

The following information is from CRG’s Stress Indicator and Health Planner by Gwen Faulkner, PhD, MSN; Terry Anderson, PhD; and Ken Keis, MBA.

  • Please complete Section Two: Interpersonal Stress Assessment on yourself—15 questions.
  • In the boxes provided, print the number that best describes how often you have experienced the symptoms during the past month.
  • Be completely honest. There is no benefit to misrepresenting the truth.

The Scale

About 10% or less of the time


About 25% of the time


About 50% of the time


About 75% of the time


About 90% or more of the time





Stress Indicator and Health Planner
The Statements for
Section Two:
Interpersonal Stress Assessment



Difficulty asking for support from family or friends when you need it



Feeling resentful toward people because of pleasing them and denying your own needs



Difficulty letting people know when you’re overwhelmed or too busy



Feeling that no one really listens or cares about you



Difficulty letting people know they have hurt your feelings



Bursting out aggressively or blowing up at someone



Feeling compelled to earn others’ approval by doing things for them



Avoiding conflict, even if it means leaving it unresolved



Taking too much responsibility for others’ problems



Becoming defensive when someone criticizes you



Having difficulty expressing your true feelings in relationships



Saying Yes when you really want to say No



Having difficulty listening to others’ point of view



Being judgmental or critical of others



Receiving little support in relationships with others


‹ Your Interpersonal Sress Assesment Score


Here's what the total is indicating.

Total 45-60Low Stress
Total 65-80Moderate Stress
Total 90+High Stress

Health can be defined as "the very best you can be… physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually."

Communicating effectively helps us feel good about ourselves and cope effectively with people and conflicts. It takes courage and skills to communicate our feelings and thoughts and maintain respect for ourselves and other people. The result of effective communication is an increase in self-esteem. In addition, good communication skills and attitudes will foster healthy relationships where our deeper needs to love and to be loved can be met.

Many times we communicate through our roles instead of expressing our true selves. Many people tend to adhere to a set of beliefs about how they “should” behave or what they "should" say.

Eventually, they become angry, resentful, and bitter toward others who don’t understand their true feelings. Therefore, a central issue and core theme in good communication is being in touch with your actual feelings and thoughts and expressing them respectfully to others. Quite often, since most people have never learned to engage in effective two-way communication, they may find it beneficial to receive assistance from a knowledgeable professional.

There always will be problems and conflicts in the world. You will be able to deal with them more effectively when you have a clear picture of how you feel and what you want to do. The more you take responsibility for your difficulties, feelings, and inner conflicts—without blaming others for your problems or frustrations—the more you will be in touch with your needs and able to communicate them effectively to others. Personal responsibility leads to a major shift in a person’s perception of the world—from feeling like a helpless victim to taking decisive action.

Below is an overview of the three styles of communication.

Assertive Communication

  • Mutual respect
  • Awareness of personal rights and responsibilities
  • Message: "This is what I feel, this is what I think, or this is how I see the situation."

Passive Communication

  • No respect for own needs
  • Unaware of personal rights and responsibilities
  • Message: "I do not count; you can do what you want. My feelings are not important; only yours are. My thoughts do not matter; only yours do.

Aggressive Communication

  • No respect for others' needs
  • Unaware of others' rights and responsibilities
  • Message: "This is what I think—you are stupid for thinking differently. This is what I want; what you want is not important. This is what I feel; your feelings do not matter."

Everyone has difficulty communicating effectively at times—depending upon our mood and the people with whom we are interacting. If you scored an upper "moderate" or a "high" rating, however, it is recommended that you take a course in interpersonal communication or work with a communications consultant or counselor to establish better communications practices.

So what do you need to improve to decrease your interpersonal stress?

To access the entire Stress Indicator and Health Planner online or in print, please click this link. In addition to the 120 stress and wellness related questions, you will find 12 pages of suggestions and ideas on how to improve your health.

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Lydia Elder,
VP HR - Power to Change

CRG resources have helped build and holistically Enrich People´s Lives—the lives of individuals, families, education institutions, small businesses, associations, and Fortune 500 companies.

I invite you to join me for our next exciting CRG Assessment Systems Certification Workshop near Vancouver, BC, on July 22, 23, 24, 2010.

Ken Keis, President and CEO of CRG

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