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Health is not simply the absence of sickness.

Hannah Green


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Thank you for a very enjoyable and transformational experience. You model servant-hood and present your excellent materials professionally. You create a safe and encouraging environment that facilitates self-awareness and empowers participants for ministry in the marketplace.

Daniel Beutler
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Focus on Professional Development

Reducing Stress and Increasing Health
Using CRG's Stress Indicator and Health Planner©

A Series of Five Sections
Section One: Personal Distress Assessment

Wellness or lack of it has become an epidemic in our developed society.

I have written about wellness in past ezines. In this series, I will share the five sections of our Stress Indicator and Health Planner assessment.

As we progress through the series, you will

  • become aware of your stress levels in five different areas of your life, and
  • be able to proactively attend to opportunities that will improve your level of wellness.

Section One has 45 questions.
(The other four sections have 15 questions each.)

Stress affects each of us differently. In the end, however, stress will show up in the three areas we are measuring in this ezine, regardless of the source.

  • Your Physical Distress
  • Your Psychological Distress
  • Your Behavioral Distress

Recently, a friend had a heart attack. From the outside, he had appeared healthy and was an active runner. His doctor felt that stress from work and other areas in his life had contributed to his heart attack.

We all have stress. The question is—is our particular stress level too high?
Does it put us into a unhealthy position?

The following information is from CRG's Stress Indicator and Health Planner© by Gwen Faulkner, PhD, MSN; Terry Anderson, PhD; and Ken Keis, MBA
  • Please complete Section One: Personal Distress Assessment on yourself. In this section, we present 15 questions taken from each of three segments.
  • In the boxes provided, print the number that best describes how often you have experienced the symptoms during the past month.
  • Be completely honest. There's no benefit to misrepresenting the truth.

The Scale

About 10% or less of the time


About 25% of the time


About 50% of the time


About 75% of the time


About 90% or more of the time





Stress Indicator and Health Planner©
The Statements for Section One:
Personal Distress Assessment



Physical Symptoms of Distress



Chest pain or tightness



Shortness of breath



Indigestion or heartburn



Nausea or upset stomach






Skin rashes (such as eczema, psoriasis or hives)






Weight Changes (gain or loss of more than 5 lbs.)






Colds or flu



Abdominal pain






Back or neck pain



Grinding teeth





‹ Your Physical Distress Score




Stress Indicator and Health Planner©
The Statements for Section One:
Personal Distress Assessment



Psychological Symptoms of Distress



Feeling anxiety or fear



Feeling down, depressed, or sad



Feeling irritated or angry



Feeling worried



Feeling used up, with nothing much to give



Feeling bored or dissatisfied with most things



Feeling life is meaningless and without purpose



Feelings of being overwhelmed by it all



Feelings of guilt



Having thoughts of suicide as a way out



Feeling lonely and that no one cares



Experiencing disturbing nightmares



Feeling out of control



Feeling no sense of career or personal direction



Feeling of hopelessness or helplessness


‹ Your Pschological Distress Score




Stress Indicator and Health Planner©
The Statements for Section One:
Personal Distress Assessment



Behavioral Symptoms of Distress



Feeling unusually sad or elated without a reason



Appetite changes (eating more or less)



Changing use of alcohol



Withdrawing from people



Using drugs to help you relax or to affect your moods



Sleeping more or less than usual



Loss of interest in or a distracting
preoccupation with sex



Needing to push yourself
to accomplish daily activities



Difficulty making decisions



Difficulty in concentrating



Absence from work



Being accident-prone



Stuttering or rushing speech



Inability to decrease some behaviors
(compulstion to overat or overwork)



Increase in risk-taking behaviors
(speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, driving
under the influence of alcohol, etc.)


‹ Your Behavioral Distress Score


Now, total all three numbers.

  Your Physical Distress Score
  Your Psychological Distress Score
  Your Behavioral Distress Score
  YourTotal Distress Assessment Score

Here's what the total is indicating.

Total 45-60 Low Stress
Total 65-80 Moderate Stress
Total 90+ High Stress

Health can be defined as "the very best you can be… physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually."

First, your interpretation of a situation plays a large role in whether you become upset in a given circumstance. Your personal beliefs or interpretations of events cause you to be anxious, upset, relaxed, or calm.

It is possible to

  • re-examine your assumptions,
  • change your beliefs about yourself or events, and
  • learn more effective ways to cope with stress.

Medical research has shown that too much stress can effect the onset treatment of (or recovery from) a variety of illness and diseases. Experts estimate that 60% to 90% of all diseases are related to stress and lifestyle. Those conditions include the following.

  • Allergies
  • Backaches
  • Cancer
  • Colitis
  • Diabetes
  • Headaches
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin disorders
  • Ulcers
Regarding your symptoms and/or stress-level condition, use your responses to the first 45 questions to identify the key areas you would like to improve.

To access the entire Stress Indicator and Health Planner© online or in print, please click this link. In addition to the 120 stress and wellness related questions, you will find 12 pages of suggestions and ideas on how to improve your health.

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