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The speed of the boss is the speed of the team.

Lee Iacocca


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The 3-day Certification workshop was inspiring, stretching, and dynamic!

I greatly benefited both personally and professionally as we delved into various assessments. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone "ready and willing" to grow deeper personally and acquire new skills.

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Focus on Professional Development

Leadership Skills Development:
Section Four: Consulting Skills

Teams are failing every day because leaders lack team-development and group-consulting skills.

Space shuttle families know about the impact of team failure. The consequences range from minor effects to loss of life.

The influence of leadership is felt in every walk of life, from family dynamics and nonprofit organizations to governments, education, and small and large businesses.

This article is 5th in a 6-part series where we outline the critical leadership-development skills required by individuals to successfully lead self, others, and organizations.

In Leading The Way 63, we outlined the 12 Transforming Leadership Principles required to implement leadership skills successfully with individuals or groups. Without agreement to the principles, there is little chance a person will become a Transforming Leader.

In Leading The Way 64, we addressed the importance of Self-Management Skills. Before you can lead others, you must be able to manage yourself and your environment.

In Leading The Way 65, we outlined 12 critical Interpersonal Communication Skills that ALL leaders require to lead effectively and communicate well with others.

In Leading The Way 66, we outlined 12 critical Coaching, Counseling, and Problem Management Skills that ALL leaders require to coach others to higher levels—even acceptable levels—of performance.

In this Leading The Way 67, we outline 12 critical Consulting and Team-Development Skills that any leader responsible for a group must know, to build an effective team.

As we progress through the Leadership Skills Inventory–Self, the complexity of the skills sets increases and so do the abilities necessary to implement them. Some individuals in leadership roles simply don't have those skills and there's little chance they'll ever develop the abilities required to lead a team successfully.

Just last week, I got a call from a person who quit his position—or was fired, depending on who's talking. By all accounts, he was competent. The leader of the group, however, has had ongoing drama with his staff for as long as I can remember. Teams are continuously crumbling under his leadership. Is it possible that the cause of the ongoing problem is not the individuals in the group but the leader's lack of team and consulting skills?

In the past, I was a consultant for automotive dealerships. In this instance, the absence of leadership skills was hindering any positive outcomes. The dealer-principal and sales manager wanted the sales team to make outbound calls on a regular basis but the sales team refused. In less than 2 minutes, I discovered the main reason for the sales team's resistance.

To save money, the owner had limited the dealership to just 3 phone lines—1 for parts, 1 for service, and 1 for sales. In addition, the sales phone line was shared by the business office staff who used it for faxing financial documents and getting credit approvals. A sales team member would be on the phone talking to a prospective client and—in the middle of the call—the fax machine would cut in and sever the conversation. The team goals and the available business resources did not match.

That seems like a common-sense issue but you might be surprised at how frequently that type of situation occurs.

As you complete the following section of CRG's Leadership Skills Inventory – Self on yourself, reflect on other leaders—those you respect and those you don't. In most cases, you will see a correlation between the skill rating you would give them and your level of respect for their leadership abilities.

Note: The following information is from Section Four of CRG's Leadership Skills Inventory – Self, written by Terry Anderson, PhD, and Ken Keis, MBA, and based on our book Transforming Leadership.

Review the following 12 Consulting Skills below.
Use this scale to rank your responses.

The Scale

This skill is new to me;
I cannot do it.

1 to 2

I understand the skill,
but I cannot do it.

3 to 4

I can perform this skill,
but not reliably.

5 to 6

I perform this skill well,
in many/most situations.

7 to 8

I perform this skill well,
and I can teach others, too.

9 to 10

Please note: When you answer 9 to 10 on the rating scale, you are stating you are competent in the skill, AND you can teach it to others.



12 Transforming Leadership
Consulting Skills



Assess: You are able to determine needs, wants, problems, and fears by connecting, communicating, and talking with people.



Assess: You are able to confirm needs, wants, and problems through surveys, research, and information systems.



Facilitate: You facilitate effective problem-management by helping individuals and teams overcome their resistance to change.



Clarify: You clarify the need for change in a language others will understand and accept.



Explore: You can explore readiness (abilities) for change and assist them to overcome their roadblocks to constructive change.



Explore and Facilitate: You explore and facilitate team spirit and synergy through values alignment.



Facilitate Agreement: You facilitate consensus about the mission, vision, and purpose of the organization or team.



Facilitate Consensus: You create consensus in groups regarding objectives, goals, and action plans.



Design and Implement: You successfully deploy steps, timelines, and responsibilities to achieve the objectives of the team and the organization.



Evaluate and Report: You evaluate and report the impact of action plans and team efforts.



Lead: You can lead operational teams toward continuous learning and continuous improvement.



Accountability: You implement and install accountability systems so everyone experiences agreement between and among individuals.


‹ Your Total


Here is what the various totals are indicating.

Total 12 to 24 Unaware of skills and not competent
Total 25 to 48 Aware of skills but not competent
Total 49 to 72 Aware of skills and inconsistently competent
Total 73 to 96 Consistently and unconsciously competent
Total 97 to 120 Consistently competent and can teach others
  • A score of 96 or higher indicates you have a high degree of confidence in your ability to perform the skills in the self-management section.
  • A score of less than 96 indicates you likely would benefit from some type of coaching or training in the specific items where you responded with an answer of less than 8.

So how did you do?

  • Did you have responses where you gave yourself less than a score of 8? If you are expected to train others in those specific skills, you should work to raise your score to 9 or 10.
  • How can you improve and develop those "less than 8" areas? What training, coaching, and educational program(s) would help you increase your response and capabilities?

To determine what others think, one option is to have people provide you with 360° feedback, using CRG's Leadership Skills Inventory – Others. Some individuals grossly overestimate or underestimate their leadership skills. Feedback from others helps add another perspective to the picture of a person's leadership skills ability.

How can you lead others if you can't successfully support teams/groups?
You can't.

The Leadership Skills Inventory – Self outlines 12 Transforming Leadership Principles and 60 critical leadership skills, sectioned into 5 parts. Each section adds another level of sophistication and requirements.

In the final article, we will cover section Five of the Leadership Skills set: Organizational Development.

If you want to rate your leadership skills or those of others, compared to highly successful Transforming Leaders, please click the link and immediately access the online version of the Leadership Skills Inventory – Self.

Note: For a full debrief for each Principle and the 60 leadership skills, consider investing in our 300-page hard-cover book, Transforming Leadership.

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