ISSUE #6 - Tuesday, March 2, 2004

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"All resources are not obvious; great managers find and develop available talent."

– Zig Ziglar

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A fabulous investment of my time—and time is my most treasured commodity. It has stretched me personally and given me tools to build credibility and results for our clients.

Linda Maul
Creating People Power


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A special thank you to everyone who completed the survey regarding the future of our Website. The feedback we received has been most beneficial as we move forward with our new design. Watch for its unveiling later this month. 

We believe you will appreciate a site that has more information, is easier to navigate, and is totally people-friendly. For those who completed the survey and requested the access code, please make sure you use the code before its expiry at the end of March 2004.

This issue’s focus is a little different from our past themes. As Zig Ziglar notes above, all resources are not obvious. One of CRG’s goals is to be the leading resource center for personal and professional development — for personal and professional developers. Our purpose is to assist you to achieve maximum impact with your clients.

Over the last few weeks, we have been putting together a list of the resources that we now — or will, in the very near future — make available to you so you can become more effective in your field. This list includes our assessments and some of the other resources we have developed.

As you move forward in your business — whether as an internal or external personal/professional development expert — these resources will aid you in ensuring that you continue to lead in the personal and professional development industry. 

We are constantly looking to partner with other resource providers. If you are using a resource you feel we should consider making available to others, please forward that information to us.

Again, thank you for being a part of CRG’s big happy family.


Inside This Issue:

1. Outside Entrance (Or what’s the newest happenings at CRG)
2. Gate Entrance (A tool to take on your journey)
3. On the Path (Someone out there who is doing it)
4. Back Home (Clean-up time)

1. Outside Entrance (Or what’s the newest happenings at CRG)


Online Tools:

Update on Online Tools

  1. Personal Style Indicator (PSI)*
  2. Sales Style Indicator (SSI)*
  3. Personal Style Indicator for Learners (PSI-L)*
  4. Personal Style Indicator for Educational Leaders (PSI-EL)*
  5. Values Preference Indicator (VPI)
  6. Job Style Indicator (JSI)
  7. Self Worth Inventory (SWI)
  8. Stress Indicator & Health Planner (SIHP)
  9. Entrepreneurial Style & Success Indicator (ESSI)*

*Note that each of these online assessments comes complete with their In-Depth Interpretations.

The online compatibility report for the Personal Style Indicator (PSI) and Job Style Indicator (JSI) is in production and should be ready this month. This report will allow you to compare PSI results to the JSI to determine whether a good match exists between the individual and the position. It will be a great tool to reduce work frustration levels.

Access codes may be purchased by visiting our online store:

Corporate Locker:

In less than 3 weeks, your clients can go online, take an assessment, and have their scores added (this is permission-based) to your corporate locker, as opposed to having their scores restricted to their personal learning locker. You will be able to review these scores whenever necessary. Scores can be sorted by client, by department, or even geographical location. This corporate locker is kept on a secure site; you need not worry about having email intercepted or inadvertently read.

Online Personal & Professional Development Library:

One of the most requested items in our recent survey was for an online library you could access containing articles related to personal and professional development. We are in the process of doing just that and are looking for articles we can post. If you have articles you have found helpful and would like to share with others, please email them to me at

Those who do email articles will receive the access code to the PSI/JSI Compatibility Report, with our compliments. Simply email me your article(s); I will send the access code to you when it becomes available.

New Online Community (Watch for this in April!):

  1. In the very near future, CRG will introduce a new place for personal and professional developers to hang out with their peers. 

    The purpose of this feature is to ensure you have access to the brightest and sharpest minds available. You will have the opportunity to improve your own business in a secure and confidential environment where you can talk to other professionals, share ideas, and ask questions.

    Do you perhaps have a client who requires some expertise you currently don’t have? Through this new online community, you can access the knowledge your client needs from those who have the answers. 

  2. You can invite your clients to join you online in your own private chat room. You and your clients can meet individually or as a group.

You can also create groups within groups within the communities. 
Questions? Call Neal! 604-852-0566.


2. Gate Entrance (A tool to take on your journey)

As mentioned in the introduction, we want to give you a bird’s eye view of the different tools and resources available to you. Some you can buy; others are free to you. To view these resources, simply follow this link:

If you have difficulty linking or would like a PDF document that summarizes these tools, please email me:


3. On the Path (Someone out there who is doing it)

One of our Associates is integrating CRG’s resources in a fun way. Dr. Brian Fraser operates two companies: Jazz Think Consulting — “Helping You Play Above” — and Growing Churches, a consulting company that brings a positive approach to church growth.

The other night, our executive team joined Brian for an evening of jazz, food, and thought-provoking conversation at a new series he has started. We played around with some core charts and key ideas from Jim Collin's best-seller, From Good to Great

Including the jazz trio and Brian, there were 19 of us. The food was mouth-wateringly delicious and the conversation was rich and stimulating and — from the feedback so far — powerful. 

Brian comments, “We had a team from a learning-and-communications-tools company whose purpose is to enrich people's lives; another team was from a garage looking at redesigning its service processes. We had individuals who are lawyers, chartered accountants, spa owners, coaches and consultants, and teachers. It was an intriguing mix.

“The results that people enjoyed fascinated me. One person came with a friend very skeptical of what jazz had to do with organizations and business. She found herself drawn into the idea by the music as it made her think and converse in a new way about personal and corporate performance. She left convinced the metaphor works at many powerful levels, not the least of which is opening up our willingness to converse. 

“Several others commented on how the music had stimulated the conversation — not just at the idea level but also at a deeper level. The flow of the music provoked the flow of the conversation. Another person let me know that the impact of the whole evening was to create within him some breakthrough insights on matters with which he had been struggling for several days.” 

Several folks at Tuesday night's Supper & Seminar are encouraging their friends and colleagues to go, too. If you live in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, please consider attending these fun evenings!

The remaining Supper & Seminar evenings this Spring:  

Tuesday, March 23:    Thinking in Jazz about Sales Success
Tuesday, April 20: Thinking in Jazz about Organizational Culture
Tuesday, May 25: Thinking in Jazz about Leadership


The food and jazz are out of this world and so is the learning!

For more information, please contact Brian at or email him at

4. Back Home (Clean-up time)

5 out of 6 professionals needed this — do you?

You can totally transform the way you do business. If you want to maximize the impact you are having with your clients and/or employees, attend an upcoming CRG 3-Day Train-the-Trainer Workshop in the Vancouver area — Abbotsford. 

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Until next month, keep Leading the Way!

Neal Diamond
VP for Business Development and Associate Relations