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The popularity of the MBTI as a tool most
likely reflects the success of the publisher´s
marketing campaign. There is a lack of data demonstrating the validity of the MBTI.

Dr. David J. Pittenger, University of Tennessee
For The Consulting Psychology Journal

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Focus on Professional Development

Alphabet Soup or Understanding Personal Style?

By Terry D. Anderson, PhD; Founder CRG

MBTI: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a measure of normal personality.

"You aren´t still using MBTI, are you?"

I was asked that question by an associate who didn´t know I was the primary author of the Personal Style Indicator.

"No, I´m not," I said. I stopped using it in 1976."

"Why?" asked the associate.

I told her this simple story.

In 1976, I was doing a keynote conference presentation in Los Angeles to about 800 executives. I asked them to stand if they had taken the MBTI—and 60% of the audience rose from their seats. I asked those people to remain standing if they could remember the meaning of the four letters in their "type." More than 90% of them sat down.

When I asked the remaining standers to stay up if they were currently using the MBTI approach in their daily work and personal lives, only 11 of the over 800 people in the room were still on their feet.

I thought to myself the MBTI is like alphabet soup. It really doesn´t spell anything practical, even though it has lots of "letters" in it.

That impromptu survey impressed me very much.
I stopped using the MBTI that day.

This question begs to be asked...
If the MBTI is

  • so difficult to recall,so complex, and
  • so seldom applied in everyday life

why do so many educators, psychologists, coaches, trainers, and consultants continue to use it? They fear being judged as "unprofessional" if they use tools that are not "well known" or "established"—even if newer, more innovative assessments will be much more appropriate and effective for their purposes.

It´s troubling that many professionals who teach change and learning seem to be the least open to change and learning. They are stuck on an obsolete approach that is both ineffective and recently proved to have questionable validity.

There are academic and scientific reasons for the premise that the MBTI isn´t as credible as some would have us believe. If you want to read about these issues, please refer to the article by David Pittenger of the University of Tennessee, titled "Cautionary Comments Regarding the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" (Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, Vol. 57, No. 3, pp. 210—221, 2005).

After that long-ago Los Angeles conference, I decided to create the Personal Style Indicator (PSI) and have it be just that—an indicator of personal style preferences. It mirrors people and provides precise yet simple language to help them describe their preferred style behaviors.

The PSI gives you back what you put into it and, because of its specific approach, the PSI reflects your preferences with more clarity.

  • I didn´t create it to be a clinical test to use with abnormal people.
  • The PSI is a self-assessment to be used by normal people to better understand themselves and to enhance communication with other people.

Since I designed the PSI as a learning and communication tool—and my colleagues helped me revise and refine its language through its Fourth Edition, it has sold over 1 million copies and is available in 8 languages.

Eight out of 10 professionals who have attended PSI training programs over the years have stopped using other tools. The other 20% who don´t switch usually acknowledge the PSI is a more effective model, but they are not willing to change.

One of our university business-school instructors who recently attended the PSI orientation program acknowledged the PSI model is far superior to the MBTI he has been using in class—yet his Dean has directed him to continue using MBTI. Why? The university always has. Something new or better is not politically acceptable.

That decision is not based on value for the learner!

Dedicated professionals and their participants prefer the PSI because of its quality, precision, reliability, face validity, applicability, and reasonable cost.

People quickly and memorably learn the extent to which they (and others)

  • prefer to analyze;
  • value interpersonal communications;
  • are expressive;
  • achieve results;
  • can remember their personal style preferences;
  • can read other individuals better; and
  • can use—easily and every day, for the rest of their lives—their PSI learning about style in their work and personal lives.

The PSI is knowledge for life.
And it helps develop life skills.

So . . . do you want to be confounded by academic alphabet soup or do you choose to reap the benefits of helping your self and others better understand personal style preferences—and use them to your best advan—every day?!

CRG´s 3-Day Train-The-Trainer
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Born in Australia she is currently living in BC, enjoying her travels around the region and exploring the many local attractions.

CRG President and CEO Ken Keis is available as a conference speaker and radio and TV guest—and for a dynamic print interview.

For the past 6 years, Ken has been rebuilding CRG while focusing on the revision of each of CRG´s 12 core assessments. Now that the initial assessment project is complete, Ken has more time for speaking, training, and media events.

Since 1989, Ken has conducted over 2000 presentations and written over 2 million words of content. He recently spoke at several career, HR, and leadership conferences across North America.

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  • The CRG Head Office is in Abbotsford, BC.


Overall Roles, Responsilibities and Qualities

  • You have excellent sales and sales-process skills that include
    • prospecting;
    • client relationships;
    • skills in the areas of needs-discovery, problem-solving, and solution- and client-focus;
    • the ability to ask for the order; and
    • strong self-discipline in the sales-followup process.
  • You work successfully toward performance targets and achieve sales results.
  • You have a high level of English language proficiency in both print and online environments.
  • You feel comfortable and competent presenting to all types of client groups.
  • You possess high-level telephone and in-person communication skills.
  • You present a professional image in your conduct, attitude, and attire.
  • You have a strategic understanding on how "sales" serves the objectives of the business and the client.
  • You are expected to make hundreds of sales and customer service phone calls each month—and provide sales reports about the progress of each call. The thought of this opportunity energizes you. This is one of your top priorities for getting sales results.
  • Your attitude is "No matter what, I ALWAYS get the job done!" You don´t accept excuses from yourself and others.
  • CRG´s clients include faith-based organizations as well as Fortune 1000 companies. You are able to connect with both worlds.
  • You have a proven sales record with measurable results.
  • You are willing to work on a performance-based remuneration package.


Overall Roles, Responsilibities and Qualities

  • You have strong telephone, written, and in-person communications skills.
  • You provide expert-level copywriting for print and online environments.
  • You display sound abilities in creating and implementing an overall communications and PR strategy (for all media: print, online, radio, TV) that supports CRG´s overall business and marketing plans.
  • You conduct research for PR strategies, sources, and contacts.
  • You create company articles and/or revise existing articles to be published globally in print and online sources. You are successful in getting media to feature CRG nationally and internationally.
  • You submit proposals for and sell the services of company executives as speakers and trainers for conference and corporate events.
  • You book company executives on radio and TV shows.
  • You manage and run live events and trade shows (event management).
  • You assist with the technology and systems that support the entire company´s communications strategy.
  • You provide systems, processes, and procedures that others can follow.
  • You have a strategic understanding of the way communications serve the objectives of the business and of the clients.
  • You are a team player, willing to assist with any job at CRG.
  • You have very high expectations of yourself and others.
  • You are committed to continuous improvement and expect that from the entire CRG team.
  • You welcome and embrace change.
  • You are cool, calm, and mature under the pressure of deadlines.
  • You present a professional image in conduct, attitude, and attire.
  • You possess an attitude of "No matter what, I ALWAYS get the job done."
  • You accept no excuses and you do not make excuses for yourself.
  • You feel passionate about life and the ability to serve.
  • Not only do you attend to details, you can see the big picture and the unlimited possibilities before you.

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