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Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful, it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful, it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.

King Whitney Jr.


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Focus on Professional Development

Are You Really Open To Change?

Change Make different in some particular way; make radically different; to give a different position, course, or direction; to replace with another; to make a shift from one to another; to undergo a modification; to become different; to undergo transformation, transition, or substitution

Many individuals and organizations claim they embrace change, but I see little evidence of that in the real world.

After one of our Train-The-Trainer events not that long ago, a consultant acknowledged the superior design and outcome of the CRG resources, compared to the DISC and MBTI. In spite of this admission, he said he intended to continue to use the DISC and MBTI, even though he agreed the CRG options were clearly better for his clients.

His reason? "I am more familiar with the other options." The irony is that he´s a career and change-management consultant! He is obviously lacking in integrity and is too lazy to upgrade his knowledge for the benefit of his clients!

  • Are you really open to change or do you simply provide lip service to the process?
  • When was the last time you or your organization ditched the status quo to try something completely new?

Here are some ideas to assist you in the change process.

Strategies to Embrace and Implement Change!

Change is difficult, but necessary. It has three phases.

  • The Ending
    You stop doing something "the old way." Beginning "the new" way requires "the end" of the old.

  • The Neutral Zone
    Old ways are reshaped; new ways are tried. In this trial and error period, an unavoidable sense of confusion or even chaos might reign that might cause a temporary backslide to the old ways. People might want to avoid the new culture or the change by sabotaging the process. Hold your course.

  • The Beginning
    This is the point where your organization really starts functioning in the new way.

    Note: Now that you have started this process, it will never end.
    Change is ongoing.


12 strategies to help you and your team embrace and implement change

1. Make business decisions based on what is best for your business.
Never, never let your existing culture dictate your approach.

2. Focus on the future.
Analyzing what you are doing now is like studying history. It is more valuable to look to the future.

3. Deliberately destabilize your team.
Something has to hit the organization hard enough to shatter the status quo–and it should make enough noise to get people´s attention. That´s how you create the opening for change.

4. It´s time for tough-love.
We used to have easier alternatives. Today, we are living in accelerating change; it´s the leader´s job to help the organization keep pace. If the culture doesn´t adapt–rapidly–everybody loses. Care enough to take the company through the tough, unpopular struggle of change so it can survive.

5. Change the reward system.
Buying into the new change must bring pleasure. Don´t expect employees to change their behaviors significantly unless you make it worth their while. Then you have a decent chance of actually changing things.

6. Keep score.
Measure change, reward results–you´ll see your team assume a different attitude.

7. Promote the vision.
Give your vision drama, glory, and excitement. Change can cause people to become disoriented, demoralized, and dispirited. Staff must focus on a vision that holds their attentions and hooks their hearts.

8. Expect casualties.
With significant change in a business, the upheaval can be enormous. To effect change, you don´t have to get rid of people–but you do have to get rid of wrong behaviors. Employees need to understand this.

9. Demonstrate unwavering commitment.
You must be relentless. Your people must believe you´re dead serious about this endeavor–and determined to see it through.

10. Involve everyone.
All your people must be active players. The change effort can´t benefit from benchwarmers or spectators. Your job is to give personal accountability to everyone in your organization for transforming the culture and implementing the change.

11. Bring in a new breed.
Turnover has it virtues. Used correctly, it gives you a chance to reconstitute your work force. You see it in sports teams–change a few people and the chemistry of the team is transformed. Find people who clearly do not fit the current industry culture. You want achievers bent on making their mark. Break out of your conventional selection and placement practices.

12. Go flat out.
Start out fast and keep picking up speed. The world waits for no one. You can go faster than you think you can. And when you get to the other side, and look back and reflect, you´ll say you should have changed sooner–and gone even faster!

Will the status quo continue to control your business model . . . or are you ready to change, and embrace the progressive thinking that gets results?!


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