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Hiring has been a gradual process. We only hire someone when we really need them. It takes a while to get people up to speed. Our rule of thumb is to only hire when absolutely necessary.

Cabel Sasser
Sink or Swim, 2006

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Focus on Professional Development

Hiring the Right Person
the First Time!

Hiring To engage the personal services of, for a set sum; to grant the personal services; to offer employment

Hiring the right person the first time doesn't happen by accident; it happens by design. Hiring the "wrong" people costs you money and time, not to mention the effects on team morale.

Research shows that the responsibility for staff turnover within the first year is mostly on the shoulders of the business.

  • Individuals who quit within 6 months were hired through an inadequate staff-selection process.
  • Those who quit in 6 to 9 months have had poor staff orientation or training.
  • Those who quit in 9 to 12 months have experienced poor leadership and management.

Granted, there always will be exceptions to these guidelines but, regardless, we still highly influence the outcome and results from our hiring process.

Recently, a businessowner mentioned he was tired of the constant turnover—especially of new hires in the sales department. After some discussion, we found only one constant: the person who was screening, interviewing, and ultimately hiring everyone in the sales department.

If any business had an average of over 100% turnover of new recruits within the first 6 months, who would you hold responsible? It's time to fire or reassign the person doing the hiring. He or she obviously doesn't know how to hire the right person the first time!

The cost of not addressing this critical issue is significant. Estimates suggest the cost of hiring the wrong person ranges from 6 to 24 months' salary and benefits.

Is improving your odds worth the time?
You bet!

As long as we attribute our failure to retain staff to the market conditions—or falsely accept it's the norm to be unable to hire the right person the first time—these negative expectations will continue to affect staff stability and increase business costs.

Long-term staff stability is based on your overall business leadership capabilities. Your goal should be to create a reputation that attracts and keeps the winners—not an environment that makes them want to leave your employ.

So, how do you change your hiring process to ensure you hire the right person the first time?

The Plan

  • Always be clear about the position you want to fill—long before you even think about interviewing.
  • Define the position based on what your business needs.
  • Identify the standards, skills, and knowledge that the perfect hire would have.
  • Lift your expectations to the highest level—don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

The Job Description

  • Create a detailed job description for the position.
  • Include all areas of responsibility, skills, knowledge, performance, progress evaluation, and level of authority that this position will have.
  • Circulate a draft to key personnel to hear their feedback.
  • Make sure to get a consensus about this position from the appropriate team members.
  • Hiring the right person cannot take place without agreement from existing staff members.

The Job Style Requirements of Each Position

Outlining a job description without confirming the desired Job Style is like trying to stand on a three-legged stool that is missing the third leg—it simply does not work. One main reason individuals quit a position is that it does not match or reflect their natural work-style preferences.

It does not matter if a candidate has the experience, skills, and great references if the majority of the job responsibilities are not aligned with the person's personal style.

  • We recommend that the hiring team agrees to the preferred work-style requirements of each position.
  • Use the Job Style Indicator to confirm the work style for each position.

The Candidates

Never be rushed into a decision.

Have you ever needed a body to fill a space, so you hired the best-of-the-worse?

  • Ask your current employees for referrals. Do your staff members know someone who would fit into the team? Rarely do employees recommend people with whom they would not want to work.
  • Check local colleges, universities, the Internet, and trade publications. Network with your clients or suppliers to get referrals for the position.
  • A key component to building a solid business is having a good human resources process. With the right system, you and your clients can increase your business's productivity, efficiency, and profitability.
  • Hiring the right person the first time takes planning, systems, tools, and structure.
  • Be proactive. Plan, rather than panic.

The Interview

Never interview off-the-cuff or spontaneously. You will miss important details and make mistakes in the hiring process. A candidate with superior verbal skills will always win the heart of the interviewer, but that candidate might not be the best person for the job.

  • In the interview process, make a point of communicating your corporate vision, mission, values, and policies. It's not good enough to merely mention them to your candidate; the person must agree that he or she wants to work under your business philosophies. Future accountability starts here.
  • To bring consistency to your hiring success, you must implement a structured set of interview questions and rank each candidate according to his or her responses.
  • Rate the applicants on their skills, knowledge, work history, extent of training/education, and of course attitude.
  • Then create a "short list."

The Short List

Testing and assessments are a must for your short-list interview process. Most employers overlook the importance of this stage.

There are several types of pre-employment tests.

  • Intelligence Testing measures verbal abilities in communicating, mathematical functionality, spatial ability, abstract concepts, and reasoning ability from materials, words, and figures.
  • Skill Testing can measure the levels of the candidate�s skills and be helpful in customizing the training plan to that individual.
  • Aptitude Testing, Interest Testing, Attitude Testing, and Personality Style Assessments are tools an employer can implement in the hiring process. Testing is a highly specialized field. Make sure the assessments you are using are valid and meet your specific needs.
  • Compare the Job Style Indicator results with the Personal Style Indicator results. By doing this, you will have an understanding of the job style compatibility and the personal style compatibility. If there are great differences between the position and the person, we can guarantee that stress will build and 1 of 2 things will occur—performance will decrease or the person will quit.

The Hire

Never hire on-the-spot. If you do, you probably have not checked references and your decision will be more emotional than pragmatic.

Check references after the interview to confirm consistency between the candidate's comments and the opinions of his or her previous employers. Given today's employment laws, previous employers may be reluctant to be candid with their comments.

This question should get a helpful response.
"If you could send your past employee to training to improve his/her ability to perform his/her responsibilities, what training would you recommend?"

The answer will help you get a clear picture of the applicant's development issues.


We have noticed that the practice of hiring on-the-spot in very tight labor markets has increased. If this is the case for you, make sure you have communicated to the successful candidate that this hiring is based on a trial period. That time period will give you the opportunity to confirm you have made the right decision.

Alternatively, hire—subject to the checking of references and other due diligence items. In many positions criminal background checks are required and take time so do not compromise your standards or processes because of labor market pressures.

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