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Never fear the want of business.
A man who qualifies himself well for his calling never fails of employment.

Thomas Jefferson
US President
1743 – 1826

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We wouldn't have used some of these tools for 15 + years if they didn't have an impact!"

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Focus on Professional Development

It’s Time to Change the Way Professionals Think about Career Development!

Career A field for a pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life; a profession for which one trains
Calling A strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action, especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence; the vocation or profession in which one customarily engages

Businesses have spent billions of dollars on HR,
Career Development, and Job Search/Placement.
Yet, research shows us that close to 80% of individuals
hate their jobs!

If you are interested to know why they do, read on.

It’s ironic that the professionals who are supposed to be assisting others in the learning and change process are individuals who appear the least able or willing to embrace change.

The job-choice challenge begins with guidance counselors in high school and goes on to include university career centers and HR professionals in the workplace.

I attend and speak at many career development conferences and am sad to say I rarely encounter any breakthrough thinking or strategies. In my opinion, the majority of professionals are focusing on the wrong end of the career spectrum.

You will hear questions such as

  • “What type of job would you be interested in?”
  • “Have you thought about what career would work for you?” or
  • “Have you seen a job ad that fits you?”

If you are using that approach, please STOP it now!

Jobs should have nothing to do with the career development process!

Yes, you heard right.

  • Why do you think 80% of individuals dislike their job?
    They don’t find satisfaction or fulfillment in the work they are doing.

  • What determines what is fulfilling?
    The person—certainly not the job. But isn’t “the job” the approach we have been taking for decades?

It’s even worse now, with the Internet. 
Do you surf the world to find some type of job that might or might not fulfill you? Maybe you should head to Vegas—your odds of success will be greater there than your chances of getting an online job-hit that you will find fulfilling.

Let’s consider a new way of thinking—and the approach to the career process!

Are you ready to be a leader?

Transforming the career process requires new paradigms.
Here are a few to consider.

1. Replace “Career” with "Calling."

I used "career" in the title of this ezine but, in reality, career limits our frame of reference about the way we think about ourselves and what we do for a living.

Replace the notion of career with the belief that each person has a
calling—an anchor and a theme throughout life.

Some authors call it life mission. At CRG, we use the concepts of
life purpose and source. More on that in a moment.

2. Stop Using Standard Industry Job Codes (SIC).

I strongly caution against putting much weight on the commonly used SIC step. The responsibilities or the nature of the work that certain individuals would find rewarding are not included as part of the SIC listings.

There is no correlation between
being in the position and being fulfilled in it.

Some assessments compare your background and interests to specific jobs, such as bank manager or insurance sales rep. If 80% of individuals really do dislike their jobs, then the SIC listings compare you to people who are unhappy in those positions.

At a recent conference, one career professional became quite upset when I stated that CRG’s Job Indicator does not recommend
jobs —it reveals the work style required for a specific position.

Why does the Job Indicator focus on the work style?

The stats are clear. Most individuals will have, on average, 14 to 16 different jobs, so planning a career is not about jobs. It’s about establishing a theme for the person.

And our kids will be engaged in jobs that have not even been invented yet!

3. Know Who You Are Before You Look for a Career.

The position needs to fit you, not the other way around.
First, you must be clear about what you want in all areas of your life.

The law of attraction is real.
Careers and jobs are here to serve your calling. Unless you are clear on all aspects of a job position, that means any job will do.

An interesting observation is that we aptly apply being clear to other areas of our lives.

    Example . . .
    You are looking for a new residence. Most people create a list of specific criteria outlining what they want and can afford: Price, location, style, amenities, finishes, future plans, and so on.

My purpose in writing My Source EXPERIENCE Journal TM was to provide people with a roadmap to help them discover their purpose and vision in all areas of their life—before they start looking for their true career path.

4. Use the Right Assessments to Fast-Track Your Quest 
for the Ideal Career.

I am not talking about psychometric tests or useless cute quizzes that offer more harm than value.

With 30 years’ experience and millions of CRG users, we know the career-development process cannot be 100% effective without the use of assessments—of the right type and quality.

Our assessments help give you
clarity in the various areas of your life and assist you to take action to change or improve your life, from values clarification and health levels to personal style tendencies.

CRG has an 80% switch-rate to our assessments from others.

Our assessments accelerate the career-selection process and provide you with a framework for establishing the next step in creating your ideal career plan.

5. Outline Your Ideal Career.

Only after you have outlined what you want in your life can you start documenting your ideal career or position in detail.

Your Ideal Career

  • What are your duties?
  • With what kind of people do you wish to work?
  • With what type of company?
  • How does this ideal career fulfill your purpose, passion, gifts, and talents?

Summarize the value you offer to the world of responsibility and work. This summary should include your preferred Personal and Work Styles.

  • If you are a career professional assisting others, you should not permit your clients to submit résumés or apply for jobs until that step is completed.

6. Research Your Marketplace. Determine Where You Would Like to Work.

That’s right. Forget the job-placement ads.

  • Think more about who fits your criteria.
  • List your abilities, talents, and skills that can help those companies achieve the following goals.

            Make more money Ÿ Save money Ÿ Improve efficiencies

7. Consider Self-Employment, to Meet Your Ideal Career Criteria.

Another option is that you start your own business and become self-employed because, like me, no job or position fits your calling.

Take the same steps as you did in item 6 above.

    Your Own Business

  • What does your business do that helps you fulfill your purpose?

    This must be your first priority.
    Forget the traditional approach of find what the market wants and fill it. Instead, design a business that fulfills your purpose. Then build your brand and understand your market.

    When that strategy is not followed, your business or self-employment becomes a burden and risks failure.

  • Why do only 10% of businesses make it to the third generation?

    Mainly because the passion of the founder is not the same as that of the next generations. When a family member leaves a family business, he or she should be applauded, not chastised. Why? The individual had the courage to follow his or her heart—not the dollars.

If we are going to make a real difference and increase people’s level of engagement at work and their fulfillment in life, we need to start embracing new paradigms.

Are you a professional stuck in the status quo
or are you willing to break free to Enrich People’s Lives?

We have created 2 Career Development Packages that use My Source EXPERIENCE Journal TM  as a baseline.

a. 1 package for a personal career track

b. 1 package for a self-employed or business career track

a. Source Personal Career Development Package

b. Source Business Career Development Package

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New articles and new content to serve you and your clients . . .

  • Relationship Fitness
  • Road Warrior Syndrome
  • Are You Really Living On Purpose?
  • Why Don't You Sell The Way That I Buy?
  • Why Do Professionals Prefer CRG Solutions?

If you want to access the print-based version of SOS II, please contact Krista at the CRG the office for details.

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What´s New?

Welcome to the CRG Team . . .

Nico Nico Human, PhD, APR.
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Nico has a doctorate in agricultural climatology, postgraduate qualification in marketing management, and accreditation status in public relations (APR). He moved to Canada with his family from South Africa where he was head of marketing and PR for the Agricultural Research Council, an organization with 4000 employees.

An active Rotarian, Nico is past President of the West Vancouver Sunrise, President-Elect for the Abbotsford-Matsqui Club, a past professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), and a Toastmaster. His other interests include long-distance cycling, including the Canadian Bible Society’s annual fundraiser “Bike for Bibles,” triathlons with his family, and missions work for his church.

Nico is in the CRG office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

New Multiple-Person Discount Structure for TTT I

We have always offered a 25% discount for TTT I for the second personand beyondattending from the same organization.

Many organizations want to send several individuals to TTT I.
To accommodate these requests
after the first attendee is registered and fully paidwe are now offering a 50% discount.

To qualify for the 50% discount . . .
5 or more additional people from the same organization must register and pay at the same time.

Note: They may attend different TTT I sessions.

Please contact Carol for further details.

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Eleanor CRG's Head Office is in Abbotsford, BC.

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