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Harold Geneen

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"I'd admit that until we attended your "CRG TTT" workshop I was not aware of the significant advantages that the CRG tools had over other assessments like DISC or MBTI. But by far the CRG tools are the most powerful and valuable tools that we have used. Without question every HR or Training professional needs to attend your workshop to truly understand the powerful design and impact that your tools have, there is no replacement for being there."

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Focus on Professional Development

Performance Improvement and
Results Are What Really Matter

Performance:  The execution of an action; something accomplished; the fulfillment of a claim, promise, or request; implementation; competence

When we think of training, development, or interventions, the primary focus must be measuring performance improvement and results. Otherwise, why bother? Yet many HR and Training Departments do not have any pre-post performance measurements in place.

Many training and HR departments still use Kirkpatrick’s four levels of training evaluation. I agree with my colleague Dr. Alan Weiss that 3 out of the 4 measures have nothing to do with actual results.

  • Reaction of student: What he or she thought and felt about the training
    Sorry. The way you felt about the training really does not matter.
  • Learning: The resulting increase in knowledge or capability
    Learning or knowledge not implemented will have little impact.
  • Behavior: Extent of behavior and capability improvement and implementation/application
    Do these behavior changes actually cause a positive shift or increase in the bottom line?
  • Results: The effects on the business or environment resulting from the trainee's performance
    Finally. We are measuring something that really matters!

As you can see, using this model does not focus on the most important reason for development—improvement and results. In fact, for the past 5 years, I have not used attendee evaluation forms.

In my experience, attendees made more comments about the room, food, or temperature than the actual content of the program. Or they did not like certain activities, regardless of whether or not they were effective.

Even though over the past few years there has been more focus on shifting the development industry (both internal and external providers) to accountable and measurable results, there is still a long way to go.

The amount of investment wasted in training is enormous. Because results are not measured, who knows how much that might be?

To realize results and performance improvement, here are some steps to consider.

  1. Establish the area(s) where you see performance improvement opportunities or current frustrations.

  2. Confirm the existing performance benchmarks before you even consider a training or improvement process—
    measurements such as cost per sale, grievances per employee, errors per thousand, and so on.

  3. Do not proceed with any intervention until you have a measurement in place. Motherhood statements like improve our customer service or leadership mean nothing and are not acceptable.

    Replace motherhood statements with specific measurements, for example:

  4. Now that you have confirmed your current performance levels, determine what each increment in performance improvement means in terms of return to the organization.

    - What are the benefits to the company if the customer service rating increases from 75% to the 85%?

    It may seem obvious client loyalty will also increase, but research in some industries proves this assumption is false. Client behavior did not shift because customer satisfaction levels increased.

    Why would you invest in a program that has no tangible or measurable results? I trust you would not!

  5. Document the benefits of the performance improvements.

  6. Verify your Return-On-Investment (ROI).

    - How much will it cost in direct and indirect investment to achieve the 85% client satisfaction levels?

    You would think that is a simple task but I am amazed at how many businesses never calculate the ROI.

    This works both ways on the ledger.

    - I have seen organizations spend thousands of dollars to earn hundreds. That math is not advisable.

    - I have also known decision-makers who see only the investment, not the ROI, and so decide not to implement any performance improvements—even when returns of 1000% were being estimated. In one example, the ROI was conservatively 10 to 1 but the executives would not invest the $100,000 to achieve the million-dollar increase!

  7. Before you go ahead, ensure all your measurement criteria and methodologies are in place.

  8. Only at this point are you ready to proceed with your intervention . . . because you have the information you need.

  9. Launch.

  10. Track and measure to confirm your assumptions were correct. Adjust, as  required. Don’t be locked into a failing process.

Now create or acquire assessments to do your pre-post measurements.

As you can see, the majority of the effort is upfront and in your preparation. Just know that is it is well worth the time for everyone involved!

The following CRG resources have application in the measurement processes for individuals, teams, and at the organizational level.

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CRG’s Train-The-Trainer I
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