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The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it.

Ayn Rand, Novelist

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Your event was extremely professional and informative. Great pace and energy! I would tell everyone that if you want to add instant credibility to your service offering, incorporate the CRG assessment component. The quality and depth of the tools are amazing. The support and collateral are simply outstanding.

Karen Shankey, Director
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Focus on Professional Development

Avoiding Business Scams and Con Artists!

By Guest Author: Dr. Alan Weiss

Scam:  A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation
Conned: Swindled; persuaded

Over the past couple of years, we have noticed an increase in attempts to scam CRG.

Through technology, the ability to understand and communicate with our businesses has increased significantly. We should not focus our attention on this issue; that is distracting—but we do need to be aware that all is not as it seems.

Most of us have received the email scam of “millions from Nigeria,” but some people are still getting caught in its snare. Then there are the emails asking you to confirm your bank and credit card password and ID. Please never respond to those attempts to rob you.

Because con artists have no conscience, you cannot use normal or rational thoughts to determine whether you are being scammed. These reprobates are so low down on the food chain, they even set up bogus Websites to collect Tsunami and Katrina relief money.

How do so many people get conned? The scammers are good at what they do—and they take advantage of our motivational drivers.

Let me explain.

I don’t profess to be Magnum PI, but many cons prey on two primary conditions.

  1. Most people are honest and want to do the right thing; they are oblivious to the possibility of a scam such as the fake Katrina Relief Website!

  2. Cons know how to play to our innermost desires—success, greed, status, and exclusivity. Even though many individuals and businesses may be suspicious of the “opportunity,” their deep desire for the offer to be real overcomes the red warning flags.

Here are some examples.

  • Because CRG holds copyrights and trademarks—which can be searched online by anyone—we regularly get fake invoices stating we owe money for trademark services. In a small business, one person sees all the invoices—but what about a big accounts payable department that does not communicate with the various departments in the business?

    Suggestion: Always have the owner or the managers sign off on invoices—unless the supplier is longstanding with you.

The online world is a place where you need to confirm that what you see is real.

  • One of my friends owns a Bobcat dealership. One of his customers put all kinds of pressure on him because my friend’s price on a new unit was not competitive with a similar unit on eBay. The client did not heed my friend’s warnings and ended up biding for a unit online—and proceeded to forward his payment via Western Union.

    Well, it was too good to be true. The picture and the serial number were real but the unit happened to be owned by a dealer in California—not by the individual who posted it for sale on eBay. All the client’s money—over $28,000—was lost.

    Suggestion: Never use Western Union to transfer funds unless the person to whom you are sending the money is someone you know well. There is no way to trace the money or get it back if the deal is phony.
  • A couple of years ago, we posted a used color printer on eBay. We were contacted by a company in Indonesia that wanted to buy it with a credit card. They responded promptly to our emails and questions, but it seemed a bit odd that they wanted a used printer shipped halfway around the world.

    We ran the card through but did not ship the printer right away. We checked with the credit card company to confirm the card was legitimate. At first, they said Yes—but a few days later, we got a charge-back. The card had apparently been stolen in New York earlier that week.

    Suggestion: If you are suspicious about a transaction and you are in the retail business, delay your shipment until payment has cleared or has been confirmed. Businesses are liable for charge-backs on such transactions.
  • Last month, CRG received an unsolicited email offering the services of a professional sales team for hire.

    Who doesn’t want to grow their sales? CRG investigated. I talked with the team’s CEO for 30 minutes. Their business concept seemed sound—and exciting.

    Two weeks later, we got a proposal to launch a 90-day pilot program. They were to be on 100% commission but required a retainer to start the process. They guaranteed repayment of the retainer if it was not earned in commission by the end of the 90-day trial period.

    We went to their Website: It seemed fine at first, but then we noticed there was not one single image of the principals or the team members of the company—and no mention of any of the clients they had served.

    When we asked to speak to three of their current clients, our request was denied. Their reason was that unless CRG was serious, they were not going to burden their clients with our calls. In addition, they redirected the conversation by attacking CRG—suggesting that our overzealous due diligence approach was not reflective of their sell don’t tell method.

    I admit that as a business owner, I very much wanted this offer to be real. As a result, I was tempted to overlook some of the obvious red flags.

    Suggestion: Never compromise your due diligence process if the provider puts pressure on you to hurry up. Legitimate businesses want to build credibility with you. Avoiding this step should put the brakes on any new business transaction. Don’t be bullied into doing something you will regret.

In the past, as a society, we have considered white-collar crime less offensive and less serious than other offences. That is no longer the case. Identity theft, online scams, eBay, Craig’s List, and others provide anonymity to the offender. We should no longer accept indifference to these types of crimes—we should demand significant penalties for such felonies.

But until that happens, I encourage you all to be awake and not allow yourself or your business to become a victim to scams.

A lot of the con artists’ success comes from scamming people who allow themselves to be bullied. There are exceptions, but people with confidence are better equipped to say No to these degenerates.

To assist you in your journey of self-assurance, consider the following CRG resources.

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Why would we do this? We found there is so much information (over 2 million words of content and 100 resources), it is impossible to digest it all in just one event.

Plus, we are constantly adding new resources, products, and solutions.

The combination of personal growth, experiential learning and business development tools created an empowering and dynamic seminar that will help me to accomplish the purpose I see for my life.

Minette Riordan

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