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Letting your customers set your standards is a dangerous game, because the race to the bottom is pretty easy to win. Setting your own standards—and living up to them—is a better way to profit. Not to mention a better way to make your day worth all the effort you put into it.

Seth Godin
Author, The Purple Cow

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Focus on Professional Development

What is the REAL Purpose of a Business?


Purposeful activity; an immediate task or objective; a particular field of endeavor; a commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood; an industrial enterprise; dealings or transactions especially of an economic nature


To be a servant; to be of use; to be favorable, opportune, or convenient; to be worthy of reliance or trust; to hold an office; to prove adequate or satisfactory; to help persons; to give the service and respect due to others; to furnish or supply with something needed or desired; to furnish professional service; to answer needs; to provide services

Many would respond to the above question that the purpose of a business is to make money or sell stuff. If you followed the media, it would be easy to fall into that mindset or trap. That mindset has created the Enrons of the world. The tobacco and most drug companies simply focus on profits. This was proven when Merrick kept selling a drug 2 years after they knew it had lethal side effects. And recently, a new drug that reduced cancer tumors by 50% was not picked up by any drug company because it is a commonly occurring substance that cannot be patented.

The REAL purpose of a business is to serve—to be able to provide something of value to someone else. Obviously businesses must be profitable to be successful, but if profits are the only focus, my experience is that the organization is no longer interested in serving others. It is mostly out to serve itself In a small business, the real purpose must also link to the purpose, talents, gifts, and interests of the owner(s). One of the main reasons that less than 10% of businesses don’t make it to the third generation is that the passions of the founder do not match the passions—and purpose—of subsequent generations. Even though I am a strong supporter of the free market economy and capitalism, the model operates best when the underlining values of the owners or the leadership of these organizations are focused on serving and operating from a position of purpose. Admittedly, it is possible for some organizations focused only on profits to experience financial success, but that is usually short-lived. What goes around comes around. Many financially successful companies imploded, once their “profit at all costs” modus operandi was revealed. CSI Miami’s Horatio Cane says it best—the truth will eventually reveal itself. There is a second part to the purpose of a business. I taught it in my seminars. In the past, the customer service mantra was the customer is always right! Sorry. That statement is flawed—for many reasons. As Seth Godin states above, if we were to design our businesses based on customer feedback, we would quickly fail. The purpose of a business is to stay true to its purpose. If we design our business model and policies to suit clients’ feedback, pretty soon it’s the clients’ business, not the owner’s business. This doesn’t mean we don’t provide excellent service and value, but it’s impossible to fulfill everyone’s needs. So businesses must determine whom they can best serve, then frame the criteria of their perfect customer or client. In the end, the people we like to serve are determined by us, not by the client. This is done in a spirit of alignment, not arrogance. The reality is, there are individuals and other businesses you will never be able to serve. That’s fine. Acknowledge your differences and move on Have you had the client from hell? I don’t mean you delivered poor service and, out of complete frustration, the client lost his temper. I mean where everything you are does not match the client’s needs and requirements. How much more energy does it take to work with a person or a business like that? Too much! In the end, we as business owners or leaders in our organization get to decide who our perfect customer is —not the other way around
  • Long-term success in business or any organization requires that we focus on matching the purpose of the business/organization to our own personal purpose as an owner.

  • We must have the heart to serve others first—before profits. 

To connect to the real purpose of your business or organization, we recommend the following resources for yourself and your team

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Newly revised Self-Worth Inventory now available!

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