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"Nothing is more powerful for your future than being a gatherer of good ideas and information. That's called doing your homework."

– Jim Rohn

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A fabulous investment of my time—and time is my most treasured commodity. It has stretched me personally and given me tools to build credibility and results for our clients.

Linda Maul
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In the last six weeks, we have held three Train-the-Trainer workshops throughout North America. From the Rockies of Denver, to the Pacific Coast of Vancouver, to the Great Lakes of Toronto, we have had the privilege of interacting with an amazing assortment of new Associates.

Not only did we meet people from Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, Ontario, and British Columbia, but also from Austria, Singapore, and the Netherlands! From the cleaning industry to wealth management to HR consulting to church ministries to personal success coaches to management consultants to marketing consultants and to professional trainers, we have had a tremendous group of people become part of the CRG family. As we like to tell people, “If someone is 15 years of age or older, and breathing, we have an assessment tool they can benefit from using!”

However, that last word is the key word: using. In the past, we have watched individuals come through our training, become totally convicted on the tremendous power of the assessments to positively change lives, and then not do anything with the tools.

Maybe you are one of those. You have invested the money in the Train-the-Trainer program, or maybe you have been associated with CRG for years, but the Leader's Resource Binder sits on your shelves gathering dust. It’s not doing you any good and it certainly isn’t doing anyone else any good.

Well, we want that to change. This is one of the reasons our third day in our training has so dramatically changed. We now walk you through the necessary steps to move you towards your dream of helping people.

Simply to know is not enough! It is time to apply what you have been learning! It is time to take your will to the next level. It is time to do! If you are interested in registering for an upcoming Train-the-Trainer, you need to click here. It is time to move you from the land of the ordinary, out of the area of familiarity, and on to your big dream!

With what we have coming down the pike in the next few months, your big dream is much closer than you think! In the meantime, why don’t you pick up the phone and call that person you were thinking about last week who you know could benefit from working through one of our assessments.

Let’s be doers, not merely listeners of what we learn! For it is in the doing that we find true satisfaction. The world is full of good intentions. As a CRG Associate, we want you to be not only people of good intentions, but of magnificent actions!


Inside This Issue:

1. Outside Entrance (Or what’s the newest happenings at CRG)
2. Gate Entrance (A tool to take on your journey)
3. On the Path (Someone out there who is doing it)
4. Back Home (Clean-up time)

1. Outside Entrance (Or what’s the newest happenings at CRG)

Online Tools:

Last month we mentioned that we have a number of our tools now available online.

i) Personal Style Indicator (PSI)
ii) Sales Style Indicator (SSI)
iii) Personal Style Indicator for Learners (PSI-L)
iv) Personal Style Indicator for Educational Leaders (PSI-EL)
v) Values Preference Indicator (VPI)

Two new tools have now been activated:

(i) Self Worth Inventory (SWI)
(ii) Stress Indicator & Health Planner (SIHP)

The plan is to have all the tools online by the end of this year. Ken Neumann is doing an amazing job for us.

Access codes can be purchased by visiting our online store at:

As a thank-you for taking the time to read this, we would like to send you a complimentary access code to either the Online Self Worth Inventory or Online Stress Indicator & Health Planner. Simply email and put “Free Code-Leading the Way” in the subject and indicate which assessment access code you would like. 

VIP Lounge Associate Directory (Access restricted to Associates only):

CRG’s vision is to become the #1 personal and professional development resource center for personal and professional developers. To that end, we want to give you a place where you can connect with other Associates who may be able to provide you with the help that you are looking for. This area is new so we will continue to expand the VIP Lounge with new options and capabilities. To find out more visit:

New Video:

Due to the cost of travel, some individuals have not been able to attend one of our live Train-the-Trainer events. We also know that a number of our attendees are blown away by the amount of information they receive and have asked for some way to review what was taught.

At the last Vancouver Train-the-Trainer, we had the full three days professionally taped. The video is now in post-production and we are trusting to have a finished copy in the next few weeks. If you are interested in finding out more about this video, please email me at and simply put “video” in the subject line and I will forward you the necessary information. DVD and audio versions will also be available.


2. Gate Entrance (A tool to take on your journey)

A Wall Street Journal survey recently reported that among executives, 50% were dissatisfied with their work situation. When you move into the general work population, that number rises to 80%. Next time you walk into a room of five people, if you are enjoying what you are doing for work; know that the other 4 in the room aren’t!

The threat to workplace satisfaction is usually multi-factorial. One key component is stress in the worker. This simply adds to other related problems in the workplace, such as social and environmental variables to increase workplace dissatisfaction. The concern is that conflict and violence are often the inevitable result when these stresses reach a critical level of intensity. 

Being able to identify where an individual is struggling with abnormally high levels of stress is increasingly becoming a key component in workplace safety

CRG has published the Stress Indicator & Health Planner to help alleviate some of this undue pressure in the work environment. This self-assessment and planning tool is designed to allow individuals to manage their stress, develop their wellbeing and improve their performance.

Once completed, individuals have a greater awareness of insight regarding potential risk areas that may interfere with optimal health, performance, and long-term enjoyment in life. The Health Planner is designed to provide practical information to assist in making choices that will move them in the direction of their health goals.

The five sections of the assessment are:

a) Personal Distress
b) Interpersonal Distress
c) Wellness
d) Time-Stress
e) Occupational Stress

To find out more visit us online at

3. On the Path (Someone out there who is doing it)


One of CRG’s long-time clients is London Drugs. They are a 100% Canadian owned company that has their focus on local customer satisfaction. From Saskatchewan to British Columbia, London Drugs operates 59 stores and employs more than 6000 staff. Every store and employee is dedicated to providing their customers with a superior shopping experience. 

You are not going to achieve goals of a positive customer environment if your staff is facing huge stress levels. While training is central to London Drugs, one of the key components that they use with their staff and management teams annually, is the Stress Indicator & Health Planner

Liz McNally in their training department is so impressed with the tool that she even encourages her staff to bring family members to the training. They run a full day stress management workshop with the afternoon session built completely around the Stress Indicator & Health Planner

One of aspects of the tool she really likes is the way the tool is divided up into separate areas. She likes the small and manageable areas. The tool is not at all overwhelming! In fact, she has a number of people come back a year later to go through the tool again – just to see how they have improved! With the components being broken into small bites, people know where to start.

She said that many people find it interesting to discover where their stress is coming from – often it is not the workplace. By working through the planner, their employees finally have a way to discover where their stresses are coming from and what practical steps they can take to reduce it. Having family members present is a bonus!

If you have examples of where you have used different tools, please email us at and we would be pleased to include your story in this section.

4. Back Home (Clean-up time)

Affiliate Sign-up:

This is just a reminder – that in order for someone to come under you as an Affiliate, they must sign-up through your partner link. Please do not send in a list of names and ask us to sign these people up as “an Affiliate under me”. We certainly will honor anyone who orders from us when we discover that they are one of your Affiliates; however, we are unable to “sign-up” a list of people you send our way.


Assess For Success:

Have you ever had a client tell you they didn’t believe that assessment tools were necessary in doing business? Ken Keis has written an excellent article entitled Assess for Success that answers many of the questions you may have faced. For your complimentary copy please email me at with the words “assess” in the subject and I will email you a copy.

Upcoming 3-Day Train-the-Trainer Workshop:

You need this refresher!!! If you want to maximize the impact that you are having with your clients and/or employees you need to be at one of the upcoming dates in Vancouver (Abbotsford). There is so much here that you will totally transform the way that you do business. We actually have one of our September attendees coming back in November because there was so much material covered in the three days. Attend for the low alumni price of only $399 US $600 CDN (Regular price $1,500 US/ $2250 CDN). Also, we do have a special partner pricing that you can contact me about. Remember as an Associate, you receive a 10% referral fee for anyone who pays and attends the 3-day Train-the-Trainer Workshop.

November 20, 21, 22 - Vancouver, BC 

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Until next month, keep leading the way!

Neal Diamond
VP for Business Development and Associate Relations