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"Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion."

Georg Wilhelm
O Magazine
September 2003

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The three-day training is full of information and insights.  It expanded my business vision.  The CRG resources will promote and grow my business.

Dr. Paul Lam

Rewarding, fun three days! We have benefited from being able to focus on the products, new applications developed. New ideas on marketing and integration of CRG products in our existing program have come to mind. Great atmosphere! We are glad that we came. Looking forward to doing a lot of business together in the future.

Lars-Ragnar & Katarina Hellsten,
ISL Forlag

Simply stated CRG means an involvement with quality people and quality products. Engage – Enrich – Enjoy, your own personal development and the development of others!

Stephen Paul,
SB Paul & Associates

This program is a must-do for anyone who believes that a better understanding of themselves can assist them to a better understanding of others. The CRG tools achieve both

Jane Durant,
Making a Difference Through People


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Focus on Professional Development

Passion: An object of enthusiasm or affection; emotion, as distinguished from reason

The research percentages vary but it is generally acknowledged that less than 10% of the people in the developed world are passionate about their work and their lives. 

While Personal and Professional Developers talk about the importance of passion and purpose, many give only lip service to those qualities. They do not apply the proven strategies around passion and purpose that will really Enrich People’s Lives!

What’s wrong with this picture? Why does it appear that professional developers are failing in the quest to help others? 

CRG has recently participated in several trade shows with various industry groups. 

  • A trend we observed is that a very high percentage of the individuals responsible for generating and maintaining the levels of passion within organizations (or with independent professionals) lack passion or purpose themselves! Those leaders did not even acknowledge that passion and purpose are critical factors to success. 
  • At an HR event, not one person to whom we spoke accepted that passion should be a priority. They were all too busy dealing with labor law and grievances (urgent items) rather then deal with the true basis for success!

The Challenge
It is nearly impossible to generate passion and purpose in others when you don’t personally love what you do. Our challenge is this: You must find your own passion first. If you don’t, you will have little credibility in encouraging others to engage or seek their passions. 

Your purpose is to be clear about your purpose!

Facts to Ponder

  • 82% of executives are actively looking for a new job.
  • 78% of employees are openly thinking about changing their job.
  • A British study discovered that over one-third of new employees are already looking for a new job—the SAME day they start a new one.
  • An ASTD study found that the most profitable companies invested over 2.6% of total salaries back into the development, education, and training of their team members.
  • In the book Good to Great, the foundation of the most successful organizations is that they hired the right people, put them on the right bus, sat them in the right seat, and had them doing the right things. And if they did not fit or were not passionate about their work, they did everybody a favor. They moved on, with the help of the organization.
  • According to an executive with a large HR association, the majority of HR professionals and departments do not have processes to help individuals with their purpose, passion, and/or true career path.
  • Individuals will not retire at age 65; they will keep working. Over 50% of them want to do something completely different from their former career path.

What this data and research really points out is this: those of you with passion and a vision of purpose have a huge opportunity in front of you. The majority of the population (over 80%) needs assistance to discover and embrace their passion and purpose.

How do we access our passion and purpose?

  • Clarification of passion and purpose rarely happens by accident. You must be intentional with the steps and process.
  • You need to commit to action on these principles.
    • Go deep, not shallow.
    • Put in the time. This is not a quick fix.
    • Take a holistic and wide approach.
    • Understand that this is a process, not a single event or transaction.
    • Become personally engaged in the steps. This is not something you can do to yourself or another person; it is something you do with yourself or others.

That’s why CRG has a family of resources to engage and include the learner in the development process. Our most interesting success stories come from organizations that use a wide range of the CRG resources as part of an in-depth solution, rather than a single assessment or event. 

Passion is grounded in a comprehensive approach that includes identification of values, health levels, personal style, self-worth, learning style, leadership skills, and other factors.

Finally, if you and others are not passionate about what you do in your life, that will diminish the effectiveness of all your training and learning opportunities. So make passion and purpose a priority for yourself and others. Start Leading The Way!


Plan to attend CRG’s 3-Day Train-The-Trainer Intensive, designed for all professionals who want to make a difference in other people’s lives. Register now for our November 17-19 event in Vancouver, BC.

Over the past 3 years, we have re-tooled and re-branded the CRG organization and revisited the entire Train-The-Trainer program. This TTT session is designed for all professionals—whether you are new to CRG or you have been using our resources for several years. 

Our goal is to ground you—and the clients you serve—about why CRG resources are chosen 4 times out of 5 over options such as MBTI, DISC, and others. In our program, we go far beyond the assessments to discuss the CRG models and philosophies that professionals and learners prefer. 

In fact, the more experience you have in this field, the more important it is for you to attend a CRG session to understand the uniqueness of CRG’s resources—and to unlearn some of the false assumptions in the marketplace.

That’s why CRG has introduced our TTT Alumni program for those of you who have already attended the CRG Train-The-Trainer program. You can re-attend (at a significantly reduced fee) to stay current, learn what’s new, and network with Associates from around the globe. 

Many of our Associates attend on an annual basis, to keep up with the progress and exciting developments at CRG.

Register now for CRG’s Train-The-Trainer program.

CRG’s Train-The-Trainer Events in Vancouver, BC

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CRG President Ken Keis Presents at Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Speaking Empire Event
Where: Los Angeles Westin Airport Hotel
When: November 4 to 6, 2005
Ken’s presentation is scheduled for 7:30 AM, Saturday, November 5. 
Ken will also host CRG’s tradeshow booth.

CRG VP Neal Diamond Hosts Business as a Call Conference
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Host: Mennonite Economic Development Agency Conference
Where: Fairmont Chateau, Whistler, BC 
When: November 4 and 5, 2005

Ken Keis Joins Thom Winniger at National Speakers Association Northwest Chapter Session
Where: Bellevue, Washington
When: Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ken Keis Conducts In-home Evening Workshop for National Speakers Association Northwest Chapter
Where: TBD
When: Monday, February 6, 2006

CRG at Career Association Conference
Where: Vancouver, BC
When: March 1 to 3, 2006

CRG at BC Human Resource Management Association Conference
Where: Victoria, BC
When: April 19 to 21, 2006


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