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"There is not a doubt in my mind that these tools are by far the best in the industry and will transform lives and relationships. This course will equip a person to reach maximum potential through their use."

Anne Bercht, President
Passionate Life Seminars
Author, Guest on Oprah

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Our participants really enjoyed your presentation. They noted the value of Transforming Leadership Skills for developing the whole person for the whole organization.

Lindsay Brooks, President
Strategic Quality Institute

Transforming Leadership offers not only the direction and roadmap for the leadership and development journey, it gives us the supplies and nourishment to thrive along the way.

Jim Kouzes, President
TPG/Learning Systems

These learning tools will help leaders and others create change in corporations, organizations, and personal realms. The possibilities are endless.

Brook Montagna, MS
Business and Life Coach


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Our purpose is to enrich people’s lives by increasing their success and improving their results—whatever their focus or interest. For the past 26 years, CRG’s mandate has been to provide resources that transform individuals, teams, organizations, students, and families.

We believe our resources engage and include the learner in the process—they are not tests or processes that a professional does to a person. As a company we believe in your success. To that end we have created the Secrets of Success™ Journal. The articles and resources nestled between its covers are designed to not only enrich your life, but to allow you the opportunity to enrich the lives of many.

Within the next two weeks, we will be launching a special Secrets of Success Journal Campaign. We would like your help. 

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Learn about measurement strategies, resources, and action steps that will offer amazing freedom, clarity, and direction for you, your clients, and your organization. 

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  • Now is your chance to re-attend this amazing 3-day seminar to re-acquaint yourself with CRG’s family of products. Many of the assessments have been revised—come and see for yourself and gain a new appreciation of how they can help you in your business. 

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Discover how CRG’s resources can assist you with your clients while you create a residual and leverageable revenue stream―that also applies to internal training and Human Resources departments. 

At Train-the-Trainer, you will learn about the numerous CRG tools, resources and action-steps that can be used in a wide variety of disciplines—as well as secrets and solutions to communication failure, power struggles, job assessment and job fit, conflict, and overall individual and team performance.

Upcoming 2005 Training Dates in Vancouver, BC

September 22 to 24, 2005 (Filling fast)
November 17 to 19, 2005 (Still some room)

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If, at the end of the training, you are not satisfied with the program, simply leave behind all the materials CRG has given you and you will receive a refund of your entire tuition fee.

August's Focus on Training

One of CRG’s valued clients is Coastal Pacific Xpress. Dr. Doug Perkins, Director of People for the company, has taken a number of the company’s senior staff through our Leadership Skills Inventory.

Headquartered in Cloverdale, BC, Coastal Pacific Xpress has evolved from one truck and trailer in 1985 to 160 trucks and 250 trailers today, making it one of the fastest-growing, temperature-controlled truckload carriers in the province. In fact, the company serves major markets throughout North America.

“Trucking often attracts lower-skilled people,” states company owner Jim Mickey. “Factors combine to create what I call a ‘stupid business.’ You have a $160,000 truck; you put on a trailer worth $70,000 holding $50,000 of cargo; and you trust a guy with no competence. How dumb is this?" 

To tackle the problem, Mickey said CPX set out to cherry-pick the best people in the industry. 

Enter Doug Perkins and CRG assessments.

Doug gives Leadership Skills Inventory–Self to all CPX managers. Each manager gives Doug the names of five appropriate people. Doug distributes the LSI–Others to those individuals. To protect their anonymity, those who complete the LSI–Others tools return them directly to Doug—not to the manager. 

  1. After Doug receives the five LSI–Others for each manager, he gives the assessments (without the five names) to the respective manager for review. 
  2. Doug averages all five scores, then compares the averaged scores of the LSI–Others against the manager’s own scores on the Leadership Skills Inventory–Self
  3. Doug and the manager work through the three highest and the three lowest scores in each category. 
  4. If the manager received scores that demonstrate she is capable of teaching others about a specific topic, Doug asks the manager to teach her assistant how to train staff in that topic. 
  5. Where the manager scores low and wants to improve, Doug teaches or provides resources to help the manager in those areas. 

Doug sees the Leadership Skills Inventory as a helpful coaching tool to complement the other CRG resources that Coastal Pacific Xpress is using.

To learn more about Coastal Pacific Xpress, please visit or call 604 575-4200.

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The Leadership Skills Inventory has two separate assessments. 

  • The “Self" (LSI–S) provides the leader with a tool for assessing his or her effectiveness in self-management, communications, counseling, problem-management skills, consulting, and versatility. 
  • The leader distributes the “Others" (LSI–O) assessment to key associates and subordinates for feedback on his or her effectiveness in various critical leadership skills areas. 

In the LSI (for Self and Others), a total of 56 transformational skills are spread over five sections. Once these tools are completed and processed, leaders will understand what they need to do to increase their leadership skills. 

Together these two tools will help all members of the organization understand the skills and roles required to lead effectively. 

The Leadership Skills Inventory is a skills-based transformational leadership development tool for leaders in business, education, government, and the community―to help people understand the importance of creating leadership environments. It’s easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to complete. Self-scoring and self-interpreting, the LSI–S is both informative and personally revealing. 

As with all CRG’s assessments, space is given for each participant to put together a game plan to develop and work on improving his or her overall effectiveness. 

For each of the low-scoring areas, participants will identify the new behavior they prefer for themselves, their commitment, and/or the training they will work through.

People interested in increasing their Leadership effectiveness will benefit from working through the Leadership Skills Inventory.

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Learn about measurement strategies and resources that will offer amazing freedom, clarity, and direction for you, your clients, and your organization. 

Upcoming training dates for 2005 in Vancouver, BC

September 22 to 24, 2005 (Filling fast)
November 17 to 19, 2005 (Still some room)

For more information visit our website.

No-Risk Guarantee
If, at the end of the training, you are not satisfied with the program, simply leave behind all the materials CRG has given you and you will receive a refund of your entire tuition fee.


New Hire at CRG
Welcome, Melissa Beedle! On August 15, Melissa joins our team as Director of Communications. Melissa comes to us with a strong background in corporate communications and customer service. Her skills will ensure that the millions of words in our assessments are properly managed. We are excited to have her with us!
PSI Print Version in Spanish and Dutch
In CRG’s continuing commitment to be your global resource center for personal and professional development, we are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the print version of the PSI in both Spanish and Dutch.

  • The Spanish translation will be ready in early September. We look forward to serving the Spanish community here in North America and abroad.
  • We are also excited about the Dutch translation, which will be available by the end of September. 

We plan to put the Spanish and Dutch versions of the PSI online in the next few months.