"Participants easily understood the Personal Style Indicator and style-shifting. More important, because of its practical, straightforward nature, I believe participants will be able to easily use the Personal Style Indicator back on the job."

Michael Kossler, Employee Relations
GTE Telephone Operations, North Area

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A fabulous investment of my time—and time is my most treasured commodity. It has stretched me personally and given me tools to build credibility and results for our clients.

Linda Maul
Creating People Power


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For the past 26 years, CRG’s mandate has been to provide resources that transform individuals, teams, organizations, students and families.  As a company we believe in your success.  To that end, we have created the Secrets of Success™ Journal.  The articles and resources nested between its covers are designed not only to enrich your life, but to allow you the opportunity to enrich the lives of many.

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July's Focus on Training

The Selbst Group Inc. is an international sales training and consulting organization dedicated to helping clients grow their top line. Founded in 1974, Selbst Group serves the financial services industry exclusively. Their mission is to enable their clients to provide their salespeople and sales managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their potential. They do this through training in sales, sales management, and marketing-support programs.

Working with salespeople and managers of a global bank, they have used the Sales Style Indicator to enable participants to understand their own selling styles and how they might be the same or different from their colleagues. This has resulted in more cross-selling and cross-referral opportunities through the use/modification of practices that work for colleagues and the internal team.

Selbst also helps their clients use the information in the SSI to identify their clients’ buying styles. Success rates go up when the salesperson is able to match his or her sales style with the client’s buying style. Selbst teaches style-shifting techniques to enable the salesperson to communicate more effectively with the customer. This training has resulted in Selbst’s clients being able to do business with prospects that were initially perceived as difficult.

When working with sales managers, the Selbst Group uses the SSI as a tool to help them manage, lead, and coach their salespeople. It is applied in very much the same way. First the manager's style is determined. Then each salesperson’s style is determined through the use of the instrument, resulting in an accurate style definition. Selbst then shows managers how to use this information to understand and work more effectively with their sales teams.

If you would like to find out more about the Selbst Group and the work they are doing, please contact: 
Mark Tilley
c/o The Selbst Group Inc.
175 Main Street, 
White Plains, NY 10601
Phone: 914 946-3480, Fax: 914 946-4863 
E-mail: info@selbstgroup.com

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SALES STYLE INDICATOR  - Ordering Information

Without sales, there wouldn’t be a business. We often hear from our Associates that “sales” is the one part of their business that they don’t like to think about—along with paying taxes. (If you have no sales, you won’t have to worry about taxes.)

The Sales Style Indicator (SSI) is a learning and communication tool to help individuals identify and utilize their natural preferences for completing the sales process. It assists sales professionals to assess their preferred way of selling and challenges them to increase their sales-style flexibility.

By doing so, salespeople and sales teams establish better rapport, trust, and credibility with current and prospective clients, as well as other team members. Individuals learn the importance of creating long-term relationships to ensure repeat business and increased sales.

The SSI covers 21 different sales-style patterns. It brings to the table an understanding of the different selling and buying styles and provides an action plan for participants to use to increase their strengths and work on their limitations, thereby ensuring a more effective sales career. 

Uses for the SSI:

  • Assessing Natural Sales Styles
  • Understanding the Different “Buying” Styles
  • Increasing Your Power to Influence
  • Learning to Persuade with TRUST
  • Developing Leadership skills
  • Matching the Right Salesperson to Various Situations

Become more effective in the selling process and leave your competition in the dust! Make the Sales Style Indicator a permanent part of your sales team.

This product is also available online in French and German and in print in French and Spanish.

Price: US $24.95 (CDN $29.94)
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Price: US $12.95 (CDN $15.54)
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Learn about measurement strategies and resources that will offer amazing freedom, clarity, and direction for you, your clients, and your organization. 

Have you attended Train-the Trainer yet?

No? Because you are an independent or internal professional, your relationship with your clients is your most valuable commodity. By attending this 3-Day TRAIN-THE-TRAINER intensive program, you will increase your value in all your relationships as you personally experience and learn about CRG’s transformational processes and systems.

Yes? Now is your chance to re-attend this amazing 3-day seminar and re-acquaint yourself with CRG’s family of products. Many of the assessments have been revised. Come see for yourself and gain a new appreciation for how they can help you in your business. As an alumnus, you can re-attend Train-the-Trainer for a reduced fee. You will discover how CRG’s resources can assist you with your clients, while creating a residual and leverageable revenue stream―which also applies to internal training and Human Resources departments. 

At TRAIN-THE-TRAINER, you will learn about the numerous CRG tools and resources—that can be used in a wide variety of disciplines—as well as secrets and solutions to communication failure, power struggles, job assessment and job fit, conflict, and overall individual and team performance.

Upcoming training dates for 2005 in Vancouver, BC:

September 22-24, 2005 (Filling fast)
November 17-19, 2005 (Still some room)

For more information visit our website: www.crgleader.com/trainthetrainer

No-Risk Guarantee:

If at the end of the training you are not satisfied with the program, just leave all the materials CRG has given you and you will receive a refund for your entire attendance fee.


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