"CRG training has been invaluable! The vision and integrity of the leaders and tools are on the cutting edge of facilitating global communication in a powerful way. My passion being transformation--both personal and global--this training has empowered me in ways beyond expectation. Anyone wanting to make a difference in helping others needs to be here."

Dr. Tianna Conte-Dubs

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A fabulous investment of my time—and time is my most treasured commodity. It has stretched me personally and given me tools to build credibility and results for our clients.

Linda Maul
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May's Focus on Training
CRG Associates Anne and Brian Bercht are the respective President and Founder of Passionate Life Seminars; they have been using the Values Preference Indicator with their clients.

Relationship coaches, Anne and Brian are authors of the groundbreaking new book, My Husband's Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me. They have been featured on radio and television programs throughout North America, including Montel Williams, and will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show on May 5, 2005.

Together, using CRG's Values Preference Indicator, they show couples how to create passionate marriages, even when it seems impossible and, more important, they candidly reveal the lessons they've learned so that others can avoid painful relationship pitfalls altogether.

The ultimate compliments come from their seminar participants: "Before attending this seminar on improving credibility and communication by understanding personal style and values, my wife and I had been through a full year of marriage counseling. We learned more on this one day on communication than we did during a whole year of counseling!" 

"The Values Preference Indicator is one of the most powerful tools for helping couples to really understand, respect, and embrace each other's differences. It's exciting to watch people's eyes light up as they experience 'Aha!' moments that will transform their relationships," says Anne. The next Passionate Marriage seminar is being held in Abbotsford on May 21, 2005. For more information visit their website: www.passionatelife.ca.

Just as Anne and Brian find the Values Preference Indicator invaluable when counseling couples, the information that the VPI Indicator provides will benefit you and your clients in all your relationships. Knowing what is most important to you will give you a base from which to communicate and make decisions at work and in your relationships.

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Every decision we make is based on our values. When we don't understand what our values are, confusion and inner conflicts develop. Understanding what's important and why can help make those tough, everyday decisions easier, especially those that involve interpersonal relationships, family, and work.

Have you ever met a person who said his family was very important to him but you knew he never spent any time with them? Or an employer who identified honesty as a value in doing business, but whose business behavior was dishonest? What credibility did those people have with those around them?

It is not only this lack of credibility with others that is problematic. By not being congruent, these individuals pay an internal price. When we are not clear about our values--or when our actions contradict our stated beliefs--we short-change ourselves in our performance, confidence, and credibility.

The Values Preference Indicator (VPI) was developed to help individuals learn how to identify their strongest values, needs, and fears with the goal of better understanding how these internal influences direct their daily lives and impact their personal and work relationships.

The VPI helps participants in these important areas:

  • Discovering what their true values really are
  • Making decisions aligned with their values, with confidence and clarity
  • Living according to their own values and expectations―not someone else's.

There are two parts to the VPI. The first part has participants rank a list of 21 values, to determine what they feel are their highest values. The second part consists of questions with forced-choice ranking, where participants must rank a set of words, using the number 4, 3, 2, or 1--from most to least important― therefore generating a list of each participant's top 7 values, based on his or her responses.

In many cases, the two lists are different. Why? Sometimes individuals try to embrace a value that someone else has imposed on them or perhaps they have never clearly identified or clarified their values.

Using with the Values Preference Indicator (VPI), help your team or your clients clarify their values and live the lives they really want to live.

Price: US $12.95 (CDN $15.54)
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In order to continue to grow we are needing to upgrade our server. As a result of that our website is not going to be available Friday, May 13 for the entire day.

This means that people will not be able to access any of our online access codes or online assessments. If you are planning on doing any online training, please schedule it on a day other than that Friday as you will not have access to our site.

There are three more chances to attend our 3-Day Train-the-Trainer session this year. All sessions are held in Abbotsford, BC, approximately 30 miles east of Vancouver.

June 16 to 18, 2005
September 22 to 24, 2005
November 17 to 19, 2005

The June session is ALMOST SOLD OUT and the September session is filling up fast. If you are looking to take your personal and your business life to the next level, you need to be here. All our training sessions are fully guaranteed--although in all our years of training, not one person has ever asked for money back after attending the sessions!

Find out more about these 3 intensive training days by visiting http://www.crgleader.com/trainthetrainer
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As of May 1, 2005, the prices of many of CRG's products changed. The main reasons for this increase? Our new assessments are in exciting full color with higher-quality paper and more pages! 

The US prices changed the most because the US Dollar has fallen over 10% this past year, compared to other currencies. This means the new retail price of the PSI will be US$12.95--the same price it was 10 years ago. 

A slight price difference between online and printed versions of some assessments also went into effect May 1. On average, online assessments will cost less than printed versions. 

If you have questions, Neal Diamond, VP for Business Development, will be glad to answer them.