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A fabulous investment of my time—and time is my most treasured commodity. It has stretched me personally and given me tools to build credibility and results for our clients.

Linda Maul
Creating People Power


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The Personal Style Indicator (PSI) is a fast-paced communication and learning tool that helps you better understand your own personality style and how it "fits" in the world around you. It is not a test that can be passed or failed. In fact, it's completely self-administered and self-scoring - no one needs to know its answers but you! CRG has developed learning and communication tools rather than psychometric tests. The Personal Style Indicator (PSI), for example, is not a test. It was not created for use with abnormal or unstable populations. It was not developed to fit pre-identified norm groups so that participants might be compared to those groups. It is CRG's philosophy that such an approach to personality testing is biased and does not allow for the full range of interpersonal interaction that adult learners want and need to discover and develop their potential.

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The Personal Style Indicator™ is a fun, fast-paced tool that helps you better understand your own personality style and how it “fits” in the world around you. It is not a test that can be passed or failed. In fact, it’s completely self-administered and self-scoring – no one needs to know its answers but you!

It helps you:
  • Identify how you respond to people and tasks
  • Recognize your reactions to stress and pressure.
  • Better interact with other "styles" of people.
  • Increase success on the job or in school.
  • Work effectively in teams.

Also available in French, Dutch, Swedish, and Japanese.

Price: $11.95 (CDN $15.54)

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June 16 to 18, September 2005 and November 2005 are all great opportunities for you to join us here in Abbotsford, BC, (30 miles east of Vancouver) for three supercharged days. If you are looking to take your personal as well as business life to the next level, you need to be here. All our training sessions are fully guaranteed; you have no risk. In fact in all of our years of training, not one person has ever asked for his or her money back after attending the sessions.

To find out more about these 3 intensive training days visit us on line at

To register, call our office at 866-852-4347.

PS: One of the benefits for people attending our Professional and Business Development Summit is access to our new Platinum Program. While I can’t spill all the beans here, a number of attendees have been able to access Ken and his expertise for a day, to work with them and their clients. In some cases, these individuals are able to invite people from outside their client group.


Over the last few months, Ken Keis has been busily reworking a number of our assessments to ensure the content stays current with today’s changing markets. Not only have we revised the look, but we have worked to simplify the scoring on a number of our assessments. The feedback has been very positive.

To date, we have made changes to the following instruments.

  • Personal Style Indicator
  • Personal Style Indicator In-Depth Interpretations
  • Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator
  • Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator In-Depth Interpretations
  • Stress Indicator and Health Planner
  • Personal Style Indicator for Learners--now called the Learning Style Indicator
  • Leadership Skills Inventory.

We will be redoing each of the remaining assessments as the current stock gets used up.


This past Fall, CRG made a major shift in the way our assessments are printed. We have moved to a digital press in-house. That means we are able to co-brand our material with your information much more easily and economically. To find out how you can take advantage of this new co-branding of our print-based materials, please send us an email at with co-branding in the subject. We will be glad to get the information out to you.

In the near future, we will offer our printing services to you, for any of your in-house printing needs. We know how expensive it can be to do color or small runs. Our goal to become your source for some of your printing requirements. More information will follow.