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"Nothing is more powerful for your future than being a gatherer of good ideas and information. That's called doing your homework."

– Jim Rohn

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A fabulous investment of my time—and time is my most treasured commodity. It has stretched me personally and given me tools to build credibility and results for our clients.

Linda Maul
Creating People Power


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Leading the Way - that is what we trust Consulting Resource Group’s Associates' & HR Professionals' newsletter will be to you - a place where you can come and gather good ideas and information so you can increase your effectiveness with your clients in a professional manner.

We also want to keep it as simple as possible so that you will want to use this tool. We do not want to inundate you with unnecessary emails, so we are only coming to you monthly. This is not some philosophical piece waxing on about learning-style theory. Rather, it is a hands-on newsletter containing useful ideas and information that will help you grow your business with style.

In each issue we will update you with what is new from CRG, we will spotlight one of our products, we will highlight one or more of our Associates, and we will provide you with some housekeeping news.


Inside This Issue:

1. Outside Entrance (Or what’s the newest happenings at CRG)
2. Gate Entrance (A tool to take on your journey)
3. On the Path (Someone out there who is doing it)
4. Back Home (Clean-up time)

1. Outside Entrance (Or what’s the newest happenings at CRG)


Online Tools:

Over the last few months Ken Neuman (our online assessment programmer and overall great guy) has been working feverishly in our office to get our assessment tools online. We are pleased to announce the following assessments are now online:

  • The Personal Style Indicator (PSI)
  • The Sales Style Indicator (SSI)
  • The Personal Style Indicator for Learners (PSI-L)
  • The Personal Style Indicator for Educational Leaders (PSI-EL)
  • The Values Preference Indicator (VPI)

Access codes can be purchased by visiting our online store at:

The following tools will be online by the end of October.

  • Job Style Indicator (JSI)
  • Self-Worth Inventory (SWI)
  • Stress Indicator & Health Planner (SIHP)
The plan is to have all the tools online by the end of this year.

As a thank-you for taking the time to read this, we would like to send you a complimentary access code to any one of our online tools. Simply email and put “Free Code-Leading the Way” in the subject and indicate which assessment access code you would like.

Customer Service Updates:

Over the last few months CRG has brought on additional staff to better serve you - our Associates. Visit us online to see some of those new faces and find out who does what these days:

VIP Lounge Associate Directory (Access restricted to Associates only):

CRG’s mission is to become the #1 professional resource center for internal and external professionals in the HR industry, coaching, consulting, speaking, training and all aspects of education. To that end, we want to provide you a place where you can connect with other Associates who may be able to provide you with the help you're looking for.

Our Online VIP Associate Directory will be brought to you in the following weeks, so stay tuned to the VIP Lounge at

2. Gate Entrance (A tool to take on your journey)


It is always interesting to meet Associates who have been using one or two of our tools for years, only for them to discover that CRG is really a family of over 18 tools! From personality to sales to values to leadership to learning to self-worth to stress to entrepreneurial to job style, CRG has an assessment tool that you can use in most any setting.

The foundation of many of our tools is the Personal Style Indicator (PSI) which is a scientifically developed, self-administered, and self-scoring learning and communication instrument. It is not a test that can be passed or failed.

The PSI can assist you to:

  • Identify your basic personal style of responding to people and to tasks.
  • Gain self-understanding and self-acceptance and greater understanding and acceptance of others.
  • Identify the consequences of your interpersonal style when relating with others.
  • Identify your typical response to stress and pressure and learn how to compensate for your weaknesses.
  • Better understand the style tendencies of others and learn to interact with them more effectively.
  • Increase harmony and productivity by sharing a common language when talking with others.
  • Gain understanding of human behavior which you may use to ease tension and promote harmony in relationships.
  • Develop a plan to increase your style flexibility and effectiveness in relation to tasks and your interaction with others.
  • Facilitate team development through the careful assessment of team member strengths.

To find out more visit us online at:

Dr. Terry Anderson has just updated a very helpful tool entitled, “Learning Friendly Tools for the New Millennium”. If you are interested in a copy, email Neal at and he will send you the confidential PDF.

3. On the Path (Someone out there who is doing it)


Maureen Reilly is president of Pebble Hill Enterprises and has been an Associate with CRG for over 14 years. Maureen has been using our Personal Style Indicator For Learners (PSI-L) in an MBA program she is teaching at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.

Many of her students are executives who have not been in school for a number of years. Prior to starting their MBA they are required to complete the PSI for Learners. This helps Maureen and the other instructors design their programs based around how participants like to learn.

Maureen says, “your true understanding of what individuals and organizations are faced with in these challenging times needs to be successfully translated into specific stages and steps for their developmental learning and skills training. With the PSI-L and PSI-EL, you have a comprehensive package that promotes the transfer of new skills down through all levels of learning styles - and that helps sustain their training initiative.”

If you want to hear more about Maureen’s use of the tools, please visit:

If you have examples of where you have used different tools, please email us at - we would be pleased to include your story in this section.

4. Back Home (Clean-up time)


Protect your Associate standing! Over the last few weeks we have discovered a number of different copyright infringements taking place in regards to our assessments. Please be aware that your Associate Agreement requires you to immediately report any copyright infringement that you become aware of. Failure to immediately report knowledge of such copyright infringements can result in you losing your Associate status. While you could still use our tools you would not be eligible for the Associate rates and bonuses. Copyright infringement not only affects CRG negatively, but it also is taking income away from you - our Associates. Please help us keep this a level playing field for all. CRG is proactively pursuing and prosecuting copyright offenders so that we all can expand our businesses.

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Neal Diamond
VP for Business Development and Associate Relations