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Is Your Message Getting Through?
by Tracie Austin

Are your communication skills achieving the results you want?

To be an effective communicator in your professional and personal life, you must speak to people's needs and present your message in a way they find attractive.

Face-to-face is the best way, but often you must communicate by writing, emailing, or the telephone. With more "virtual" business relationships becoming the norm, the necessity to get your message across the first time has never been greater. Your proficiency in the art of communication will determine whether your words are well received, deleted, or simply ignored.

Many people today are unaware of a valuable set of skills that can make their communication effective and effortless.

What is this advantage? Understanding Personal Style.

When you are familiar with an individual's Personal Style tendencies, you can intentionally modify the way you present your message to suit that person's needs—and achieve the results you want.

Think about a specific client or business relationship.

  • Does the person like to know all the details of a project before committing?
  • What environment and attitude make the person feel the most comfortable when making business decisions?
  • How much time does the person like to have before taking action?

With that insight, you can communicate more successfully with that individual to capture his or her interest.

The Four Dimensions of Personal Style

Through extensive research and development, CRG has identified four main styles that help describe human behavior.

  • Behavioral/ACTION
  • Interpersonal/HARMONY
  • Cognitive/ANALYSIS
  • Affective/EXPRESSION

Once you understand Personal Style and the characteristics typical of each dimension, you can recognize the style patterns of your clients and other important people in your life.


You will find some people naturally like your regular communication style. Others may find it overbearing, long-winded, or unfocused.

To ensure your message is not lost or misinterpreted, you can practise the versatile skill of style-shifting. That's not to say we should stop being ourselves. We can learn to be ourselves in ways that suit the styles of the people with whom we are interacting.

Learn Your Client's Style

The best way to discover an individual's Personal Style is to have the person take the Personal Style Indicator, then have him or her share the results with you. In turn, you can share the results of your PSI.

This sharing of style patterns is a powerful communications tool to assist in developing strong relationships built on honesty and trust.

Activate Personal Style Knowledge—Today

To set you on the path to understanding Personal Style, here are some main characteristics of each style and the preferred methods of communicating. Once you start to adapt or shift your style to match your clients, you will notice the difference!


They want others to

  • Give them summarized facts.
  • Cope with unwanted details.

They get most upset when others

  • Talk too much.
  • Try to be in control.

They respond best to

  • Logical, rational arguments.
  • An impersonal approach.


They want others to

  • Give them detailed information.
  • Do quality work the first time.

They get most upset when others

  • Are vague in their communications.
  • Are too personal or emotional.

They respond best to

  • Diplomatic, factual, challenges.
  • Friendliness, not personal contact.



They want others to

  • Be kind, considerate, thoughtful.
  • Value them as people.

They get most upset when others

  • Get angry, blow up, or are mean.
  • Are manipulative or unfair.

They respond best to

  • A factual, practical approach.
  • Comfortable, friendly situations.


They want others to

  • Give them opportunity to speak.
  • Take care of details for them.

They get most upset when others

  • Are too task-oriented.
  • Are not interested in them.

They respond best to

  • An influencing sales approach.
  • Affection and personal contact.

The Positive Possibilities are Endless . . .

Personal Style knowledge can be applied to everyday situations, job tasks, and social environments. As you increase your awareness of yourself and others, you are developing the ability to be more focused, intentional, and conscious of your interactions—to create unlimited possibilities and benefits.

Want to Learn More?

This information merely skims the surface of Personal Style and how this knowledge can be applied to your professional and personal life.

The CRG team is ready to help you. Together, we can enhance your performance.

Click here to learn more about the complete family of CRG assessments and specifically, the Personal Style Indicator.

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