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by Tracie Austin

What makes you feel powerful?

Is there a suit in your closet that makes you feel confident, successful, and prepared to tackle any challenge?

The words Power Suit surfaced back in the ´80s. Remember those commanding shoulder pads and high hairdos? The motto was the bigger the better. People in offices all over the world looked either ready to play ball or stride onto the set of Dynasty.

What was the theory behind the power suit?

  • Did it help us climb the corporate ladder?
  • Did it increase our credibility among peers?
  • Did it help us get a foot in the corner office?

Unfortunately, the suit didn't guarantee that promotion or help us climb the corporate ladder any faster.

To reach the top today, people are outfitting themselves in a more sustainable and far more effective way. And the results last a lifetime.

What´s their secret? CRG´s innovative tools and resources. They facilitate increased credibility, trust, and respect in the workplace and at home.

The CRG Family of Assessments
(There are 12 altogether.)

These aren´t tests and they don´t push people into a certain mode of behavior. Each expertly designed assessment is a learning and development tool that reveals the personal style of the individual.

With an awareness of your innate personal style and behavior, you can learn to more ably address any situation—in business and in your personal life.
These CRG assessments will assist you to understand your style—quickly.

  • The Personal Style Indicator (PSI) helps you discover your natural preferences and strengths.
  • We are all salespeople. A presentation style can make or break a career. Use the Sales Style Indicator (SSI) to help identify ways you can build relationships and credibility with others—immediately. SSI also offers specific strategies for adjusting your selling-style pattern to increase your results.
  • You can discover and revitalize your leadership skills with the Leadership Skills Inventory-Self (LSI-Self). Use it to map out an action plan for your development as a leader and to build your competency for leadership success.

Let your personal style shine through. The CRG team and the CRG family of holistic assessments are ready to help. Together, we can increase your performance and create a plan to improve your success.

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CRG Vision

Our vision is to be the number one resource in the world for enriching people´s livesby empowering them to live and work on purpose.


CRG Mission

We empower people to live and work on purpose.


CRG Values

  • Competence
  • Spirituality
  • Purpose
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Loyalty
  • Engagement (Being fully engaged)
  • Respect/Honor


Our Family of Assessments

Personal Style Indicator

Quick Style Indicator

Values Preference Indicator

Self-Worth Inventory

Stress Indicator and Health Planner

Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator

Sales Style Indicator

Job Style Indicator

Learning Style Indicator

Instructional Style Indicator

Leadership Skills InventorySelf

Leadership Skills InventoryOthers


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