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by Tracie Austin

I know what you´re thinking: At age 30, I sound desperate to get married.

What I mean is I am now fully engaged in my WORK. At last, after more than a decade in various work environments, I am truly connected to a job position. WOW! What a feeling. I am on the right path and I´m on my way to gleefully living on purpose.

Why didn´t this happen sooner? Think of the costs and the time and money that could have been saved, not only for me but for the organizations that have employed me over the years.

Why has it taken so long? Why have I been unhappy and unfulfilled in job roles and work environments? There is a range of answers to that question—all accurate accounts and all different.

In some positions , I pursued a particular career because I was educated in that field. I thought that would be perfect.

I was wrong.

In some jobs, workplace communication was nonexistent; I found it challenging to connect with the job, the management, and my fellow staff members. The disconnection was due to a lack of communication on all levels of the organization.

In one position where I was very successful, my personality and personal style clashed with the job style. It was a daily struggle.

You may be thinking that I sound like a difficult employee who cannot follow rules and procedures. Let me assure you I can and did for many years, but I was not content or engaged in those positions.

Does that sound familiar? You may have experienced a similar occurrence over the years or perhaps you know of someone who has.

If it is so common, why does it keep happening? What are the reasons?

Here are some of the causative factors I have experienced.

  • Ineffective management practices
  • Poor leadership
  • Right person, wrong job
  • Lack of communication on varying levels of the organization
  • Limited or no understanding of people´s personal styles

And the list goes on.

CRG has developed resources and training tools that allow you to make a difference by empowering you to break your negative patterns.

We help people and organizations adopt practices that can change the workplace from an unexciting, sometimes stressful environment to a space where employees feel connected, energized, and engaged in their purpose.

CRG can help provide individuals and organizations with training in the following areas.

  • Learn about Personal Style

Discover your true personality and how it "fits" in the world around you. Would you like a clear way to assess your style and behavioral tendencies? The Personal Style Indicator (PSI) is a powerful communications and learning tool that will assist you to be more effective in your professional and personal life.

  • Develop Effective Leadership Techniques

Leaders are made, not born. The Leadership Skills Inventory (LSI–S) teaches the skills necessary to expand and develop leadership and communications skills to immensely improve the work environment.

  • Hire the Right Staff the First Time

How much does it cost to put a person into the wrong job? The expense of  training, the upheaval in the office, and the stress of firing someone make the Job Style Indicator (JSI) priceless! Identify the right job for the right person the FIRST TIME. When a person can do the job that he or she loves and that fits with the individual´s natural work style, the results are so much more productive.

  • Find your Purpose and Passion

Can you imagine living a life of purpose and being joyfully engaged in your work?
My Source EXPERIENCE JournalTM will assist you to do that. Here's what you will learn.

  • Your primary motivators
  • Your undiscovered passions
  • Your ideal career
  • How to make the right decisions in your life, every time
  • A special process to keep you connected to your Source, forever

The key to happiness in the workplace is not a simple one-word answer. It´s a complete package—a holistic approach.
You need to develop

  • an understanding of your own and others´ personal styles, and
  • your leadership style.

You also need to find your passion.

When organizations have specific practices in place and the total well-being of staff is a priority, the chances of success in matching people to their jobs are that much greater.

Loving what you do is so important.

Why wait to become engaged?

Get on the right path today and empower others to do the same.

Introduction to Tracie Austin

As a new member of the CRG team, I would like to introduce myself and open our lines of communication.

My name is Tracie Austin.

I am delighted I have been selected by CRG to manage Sales and Communications.

I was born in Australia. My background is in marketing communications and online copywriting.

With CRG for just over a month, I am amazed by the impact CRG assessment tools and resources are having on so many lives—both nationally and internationally.

You are a valued CRG Affiliate. We send this newsletter to you each month because we wish to stay in regular contact with you.

My approach is to keep the newsletter short and interesting and to share with you my personal experiences and insights.

Your comments are always welcome. Please contact me or any member of the CRG team.

Have a great month!

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