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Transform Your Strangers!


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Over the next few days Canadians and Americans will be celebrating the births of their countries. At that time numerous individuals will be sworn in as new citizens.Many of them have experienced serious personal sacrifice. They have left family, friends, and familiarity behind in search of a new and better opportunity.

These two words accurately describe who those people were when they first arrived;

Strangers refers to those “not of one’s family.”

Foreigners are “sojourners in a country that is not their home; aliens.”

Strangers are on the outside looking in.

  • Have you ever been a stranger?
  • Have you been in a place where you knew no one and no one knew you?
  • Maybe you went to a new school or took a new job or moved to a new town?

I know how that feels. I spent Kindergarten to Grade 7 in the same school, with the same friends. It was great. I was captain of the school’s crossing guard—those were the days when kids patroled the crosswalks; the “Big Chief” in the library; and the team leader of the Eagles for sports day.

My parents didn’t like the nearby junior high, so during the summer we moved across town so that I could attend the other junior high school.

I had to leave all my friends behind.

I was a stranger in the school. I didn’t know anyone.

It was not a pleasant experience.

I remember when a man asked me for directions one day, I had to tell him that I too was a stranger in town. I did not know my way around. I didn’t know the advantages of that community, or where things were located, or how to find them. In other words, I was in a position of ignorance. At that time in my life I was ignorant about the place I was in.

When we are young we are told “never speak to strangers.” Strangers are the kind of people we don’t invite into our home. We are wary and suspicious of strangers.

Foreigners are people in a country that is not theirs.

They are separated from others by culture, by language, and by nationality. If you have traveled to another country you know how it feels to be a foreigner.

Because I am a citizen of Canada I have certain privileges, rights, and responsibilities that non-citizens do not have. As a citizen I am under the protection and authority of our government. I get to vote for my leaders, and pay taxes.

A foreigner does not have the same rights as a person born in the country.

A foreigner travels on his passport. He is allowed to remain in that country only by the permission of the government and he can be deported any time the government chooses.

I have traveled to China on business a number of times. Here’s what happened every time;

After I was accepted by their immigration officer to enter the country and he had stamped my passport, a little bar of push-button lights lit up, numbered 1 to 10. I was asked to rate my customer service experience. I can tell you right now that I always scored the officer a 10. I was afraid if I scored low a trap door would open, or I would never be allowed to leave the country.

Often times when it comes to dealing with people we are strangers and foreigners. We are ignorant about them. We may be around them, but we don’t understand them.

Ignorance is Curable through Education!

The great news is that CRG has made it easy for you to move someone from stranger, or foreigner, to a person you understand completely.

Think of it this way, CRG is reaching out to you with all the resources you need to become a fellow citizen with the rest of the world. People no longer need to be strangers, and foreigners, to you.

  • You can know why they respond the way they do when it comes to time, tasks, people, and situations.
  • You can understand why they may be struggling in their job.
  • You will understand their values and what makes them tick.

As a citizen of the CRG world you have certain privileges. I suggest you visit to discover the benefits of being a citizen of CRG.

Once you have done that why not give the office a call at 604-852-0566 to find out even more about how CRG can help you be a better citizen in your world.

To all those brave souls who have emigrated to North America I take my hat off to you, and offer you my admiration and respect.

I trust you will find your new home, and your new citizenship, as rewarding as the sacrifices that you have made to be here.


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